Introducing the 'House of Fun'
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Introducing the 'House of Fun'

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For generations, children have ‘played house’. With whatever was available at that moment, they have built a home, cooked meals, tidied up, put away groceries, watched TV and created unique, vivid characters that live in this house. Characters that are in many ways, extensions of themselves.

This home and the people in it, make up one of the most joyful expressions of a child’s imagination. As the world changed, so has the idea of a home, but it continues to be rooted in the most basic dream. “What do I want my home to be like?”

We took this timeless playtime activity and gave it a compact, contemporary avatar we like to call House of Fun. A two-storey, cute little home with a kitchen, living room, study room, bedroom, bathroom and attic. We complete the picture with two cheerful wooden characters and eight furniture blocks of natural, chemical-free birch wood.


Each furniture block is printed on two sides for some reversible fun! They let your child decide what the characters are doing at that moment: cooking, watering the plants, lounging on the sofa and so much more. All of it sparks the imagination, improves motor skills and creates a wonderful understanding of what goes into setting up and running a home.

The house fits neatly into our PortaPlay activity center and we made it super easy to assemble and detach, no tools, no stress! Each part of it stacks up effortlessly which means you can simply take the parts with you for a little on-the-go fun even without the PortaPlay.

Watch as your children weave stories around the home, its inhabitants and what they do from day to day. What are their names? What do they eat for breakfast? Do they go to school, or are they grown-ups who go to offices? Do they have a bedtime? Have they brushed their teeth? What kind of plants do they keep in the house? What colour is the tablecloth?

The questions and the answers are endless! You will notice your child’s own ideas of home come to life. They may surprise you with unconventional ways to decorate a home, or establish new domestic routines and we would love for the conversation to go beyond playtime. It is a great way to teach your children about daily chores, helping out around the house, tidying up after themselves and even respecting non-conventional gender roles within the home.

The House of Fun is a place of warmth, imagination and laughter. We hope it creates not just a great activity, but also builds dreams of the lives your children want to grow up with!