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Cocoon Delicious - Pistachio Macaron


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The Complete high chair, Cocoon, transforms from a comfortable recliner to an early feeding modern high chair. WATCH VIDEO

Suitable from 6 months to 3 years.

Cocoon High Chair (Pistachio Macaron) + Seat Liner Combo Cocoon High Chair (Blue Raspberry Marshmallow) + Seat Liner Combo Cocoon High Chair (Rose Meringue) + Seat Liner Combo

Moms and dads can't stop raving about their Cocoons

  Chrissy via Instagram

Chrissy via Instagram

 "My favorite thing is how big the high chair tray is! The tray is huge as you can see so it leaves Georgia Kate plenty of room to eat any meal, play with toys while I cook dinner!"

Gigi via Instagram

Gigi via Instagram

"I love that it reclines back so that Aren can relax and drink a bottle in it as well! It's also super easy to clean which is so handy if you have a child that insists on rubbing sweet potatoes all over his face"


Monica via Instagram

Monica via Instagram

"And the thing I love the most - it features an easy clean foam seat and magnetic stow away tray feature. We all know how messy with the food so let’s make things a bit easier with products like this one!"

Roma via Instagram

Roma via Instagram

"This highchair doesn't only look cool but it's super functional as well! It has 3 recline positions so even Ashlyn can be part of family meals!"

Liz via Instagram

Liz via Instagram

"I love that it has 3 adjustable positions and a removable tray making us able to use it while he bottle feeds. It’s never too early to start having Sebastian at the table with us during meal time, even if he’s just taking a nap."

Tovah via Instagram

Tovah via Instagram

"This chair will be able to transition with him (and make cleaning up a breeze thanks to its waterproof seat and dishwasher safe tray). It's a bonus that it's beautiful and easily folds up to take up less room when we're not using."

The inspiration

Like the cocoon that is home to a baby butterfly, we were inspired to create a high chair just as snug, warm and cosy. A safe little nook for your baby to grow in. The revolutionary Cocoon high chair goes from an infant bed to a comfortable dining chair, complete with a table!

Care instructions

• Protect from the weather, store product in a dry place.
• Wipe plastic parts with mild soap and water.
• Keep all metal parts dry.
• Surface clean only, do not hose down or submerge chair in water.
• Do not use scouring pads on top tray insert.

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L: 32in | 81cm
W: 22in | 56cm
H: 42in | 107cm
Weight: 21.5lbs | 9.75kg

L: 26.7in |  68cm
W: 12.7in | 32.5cm 
H: 22.6in | 57.5cm
Weight: 28lbs | 12.75kg 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum height of the seat and food tray?

The seat can be raised up to 26 inches and the tray up to 32 inches from the floor. The tray is conveniently designed for the standard kitchen counter height of 36 inches.

Is there a recommended weight that the seat can handle?

The maximum weight for the Cocoon high chair is 44 lbs or 20Kg.

Is the seat pad soft enough for an infant? Is there an alternative?

The seat pad or EVA pad’s firm surface makes it easy to wipe clean. However, we understand your baby may need extra cushioning. We have recently introduced a plush seat liner that is softer and more comfortable for infants. You can buy it here!

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