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Inspiring little girls to do ‘Greta’ things!
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Inspiring little girls to do ‘Greta’ things!

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Greta Thunberg, almost a household name now, is the new-age definition of ‘brave’. In her ongoing activism for climate change and sustainability, she has taken on world leaders, critics, teachers, and family. She skipped school at fifteen to protest outside the Swedish parliament, fearlessly voiced her strong opinions at the UN Climate Conference, and got nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize along the way. Greta has opened up minds all over the world, not just about climate change, but about what a young girl is really capable of. 

To do this, to stand up for what’s right, to question conventions and to challenge all expectations needs a whole lot of courage. From both her and her parents. Greta’s timing is perfect! The world needs more strong, brave women now and it all starts with little girls growing up with confidence and having great role models to show them the way.

Which is why the book Greta and the Giants by Zoe Tucker is so important right now. Beautifully written and illustrated for children, this book tells the story of a forest and its occupants who are in danger when giants start to chop all the trees down. Enter Greta, who takes on the giants and has a smart idea to save the animals and the forest they live in. The book is even printed sustainably on recycled paper, taking Greta’s cause ahead. It is an imaginative, inspiring read that manages to make a very real, global issue, relatable to the youngest of minds. And most importantly, at an early age, it drives home the idea that a girl, at any age, can be unstoppable!

To celebrate this spirit of bravery on International Women’s Day, we’re giving away a copy of Greta and the Giants with every purchase you make on from March 6 to March 8! Just like last year with our Rebel Girls giveaway, we hope this one too helps little girls (and boys!) to be awed and inspired. Collaborations like these are special to us because we truly believe in thinking outside of gender norms,  never creating ‘girl toys’ or ‘boy toys’, but making sure we influence children in the right way by making fun, educational creations for them to play with and learn from, regardless of gender.

All of this with the hope that there will be many more Greta Thunbergs in the world, with the guts to do the the right thing, break glass ceilings, stand up for equality and make the world a better place in their own way. So join us in encouraging the little girls in your life to grow up brave and strong, talking about not just the environment, but the fact that the ‘giants’ they must learn to fight, come in many different forms.

Teach little ones how to deal with bullies. Talk to them about being confident enough to tell even an adult that littering is not ok. Show them that there is nothing off limits just because of their gender. Tell them that it’s brave to follow their dreams and say no to anyone who doesn’t agree.

So here’s to all the brave little girls who know that even if they’re doing it alone, they’re never too young to stand up to the giants. Happy International Women’s Day!