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So many challenges and possibilities

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I love Vertical Wall toys because it eliminates clutter from my floor! If you have young children, you would know what a headache it can be with toys sprawled all around the living room. We had our fair share of screaming and hopping after stepping on a piece of abandoned toy. @LoveOribel introduces VertiPlay STEM Marble Run and we are here to try it out! . There are so many challenges and possibilities to this game which promotes STEM Skills, Math, Engineering, Spartial Thinking, Problem Solving, Logical Thinking, Imagination and Creativity. At first sight, it looks like a toy suitable only for toddlers but truth be told, this is recommended for children aged 4 to 99! I mean look. The challenges are endless. As a four year old, you could probably manage a simple four track run. By seven, you could come up with something more complex and for an 80 year old elderly, what a good toy this would make to help with Motor Skills too! . . If your child loves building and enjoys a good challenging puzzle, this toy could entertain him for hours. Ewan’s the outdoorsy type and while Marble Run could only entertain him for 15 minutes, his friend was stuck at my wall for two and a half hours building and re-creating tracks! . Note: These silicon mat boards stick well on raw wood, painted wood, laminates, dry walls and don’t stick well on textured painted walls and rough surfaces. While it stuck really tightly on the sliding door of Ewan’s closet door, it peels off on its own on our painted wall.

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