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Read reviews from moms like you for the Cocoon High Chair, PortaPlay Activity Center and VertiPlay Wall Toys. Curated from the web – Amazon, Instagram, Target and more.


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18 Aug, 2019

Best activity center ever!

As a new mom who hates clutter I love multipurpose items for my child. Once I saw this activity table when pregnant I knew I wanted it for my son. We purchased this for my now 6 month old and he loves it. The legs adjust so we don’t have to have anything under it. It doesn’t contain anything that lights up or plays music which I love.
LMK from

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04 Aug, 2019

Next to perfect!

I love how small this is. It's still a good height, but it doesn't take up much room in our kitchen. It doesn't have lots of parts to clean. It's comfortable and there's no padding to clean. It's simple and next to perfect! We've had no issues. It sits sturdy. We love it and suggest it!

Daisy from

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04 Jun, 2019

Beautifully designed high chair

Everyone who's seen our high chair has commented on how cool it looks. The functionality is actually the best part. The seat and table are super easy to clean. The seat pad comes right off and is easily wiped off. The tray is Removable and easily popped off to go in the dishwasher for large messes. Small messes can easily be wiped off. There aren't any hidden crevices for food to hide. Easily folded and stored when not in use. My 6 month old loves his high chair and knows when it's time to eat!

Cara from

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03 May, 2019

Gorgeous Design & Obsessed!

Look at this little doll face in his new AMAZING Cocoon high chair from @loveoribel😍 We are literally so obsessed!! My favorite part has to be that the clean up is easy as pie! You can easily wipe & clean the whole thing down in less than a minute! The tray is dishwater safe & detachable!! Perfect for when babies start to doze off after eating. You just easily recline the seat back and let them nap! A bonus has to be how gorgeous the design is. Fits perfectly with any modern kitchen. Thank you @loveoribel for making something so useful, gorgeous, and convenient for us & many other moms out there! #loveoribel #gifted

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02 May, 2019


I think everybody needs this in their home. I love how it sticks to the wall without any issues. I had to adjust it and it moved w/o an issue. My son loves playing in the hallway for 20 minutes (thats a lot at 2 years) and watching the car go through the maze. He has had friends be rough with it and it has not moved an inch! Doesn't take up any space and won't add to the clutter in a toddler home

I think if you are looking for something user friendly and no mess, I think you should definitely consider this. Perfect as a gift. Would definitely buy more products in this line
I also took ~1 month to review this item to make sure it has stuck to the wall and has not failed me yet!

RJ from

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02 May, 2019

This is the best high chair in the world.

This is the best high chair in the world. I am a mother of 4 and require practical, high quality products for rearing my children, and I have been searching high and low for the perfect chair. I had very specific criteria that had to be met.

The high chair needed:
1. to be easy to wipe down and clean, no fabric to take off and throw in the washing machine and then forget to ever put back on the high chair
2. dishwasher safe tray
3. wheels to roll and move the high chair around easily
4. the seat can recline for when the baby is given a bottle to drink
5. the seat can raise and lower and be able to be pulled up to a table for a child to eat at the table once grown
6. won't tip over when a big toddler tries to climb on it
7. it needed to look nice and pretty

This high chair not only met every single one of my criteria, but it exceeded them by also providing me with things I didn't even know I wanted, like the magnetic tray making it easy to store the tray instead of it cluttering up a counter when taken off of the high chair. I do really wish the magnet was stronger though because it has fallen off plenty of times. Another great feature is the baby food attachment that you can use instead of the main tray; because when you are feeding those little ones their first tastes of baby food, they will always try and grab it, and the attachment keeps the baby food out of their reach but still within yours.

Sierra from

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