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The Science Behind Oribel's PurePlay Playmat - Silver's Powerful Anti-microbial Role


Is Silver Anti-microbial?

Silver, a naturally existing element, has been harnessed for millennia to thwart microbial infections. Its efficacy extends to nearly all tested lower organisms, and it has been employed in the management of various infections and non-infectious ailments. Historical records indicate that as far back as 5000 BC, Persians and Greeks utilized silver vessels for storing drinking water. Notably, Hippocrates utilized silver in wound care and ulcer treatment. In more recent centuries, silver has found application in the treatment of eye infections, burn wounds, and infections.

In the present day, extensively documented scientific research has established silver as a broad-spectrum anti-microbial agent.

How Does Silver Anti-microbial Technology Work?

The source of Silver’s potent anti-microbial effect lies in positively charged silver ions (Ag+) which employ various mechanisms to target bacterial cells:

1. The positively charged silver ions are attracted to the negatively charged bacterial cell, puncturing through the cell wall and binding to the cell membrane.

2. This disrupts the transportation of vital substances in and out of the bacterial cell and block the respiratory systems of the bacterial cell, which makes it hard for them to produce energy. This causes the bacterial cell membrane to burst, destroying the bacterium.

3. Inside the cell, silver ions also prevent the cells from dividing by pulling apart the paired strands of bacterial DNA.

How Oribel PurePlay Playmat Works

Keeping surfaces clean for babies is an ongoing struggle for today's parents. While sterilizing and using disinfectants can sanitize, they often fail to address the root issue of long-term bacterial growth.

Enter the Oribel PurePlay playmat – a game-changer in parenting peace of mind. Infused with silver ions, this innovative mat offers continuous antimicrobial protection, ensuring a hygienic environment that actively wards off illness-causing bacteria. Say goodbye to constant cleaning and hello to worry-free parenting with PurePlay.



The first film layer of our PurePlay playmat is impregnated with active silver compounds. As opposed to a coating or a spray, our anti-microbial components are combined during the production of the film and encapsulated within the film polymer, making it non-leaching even when the surface is scratched. In addition, it is distributed homogenously within the film and cannot be washed away or worn off, hence staying effective for long period of time.

Oribel’s PurePlay playmat works within hours from contact and has been proven in the lab to reduce E. coli and Staphylococcus bacteria by up to 99.9% in just 24 hours!

Quality Assured

The anti-microbial effectiveness can be affected by the form of silver used, the quantity of the silver additive, and how the anti-microbial film is produced to ensure the homogeneity of the silver throughout. The anti-microbial effectiveness can be significantly affected otherwise.

Oribel products are quality assured from material to manufacturing. For your assurance, we test our products with third party lab, TUV and has obtained the ISO 22196 certification for proven anticmicrobial effectiveness.