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Better serveware makes better mealtimes!
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Better serveware makes better mealtimes!

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Better serveware makes better mealtimes!


Mealtimes with a baby are fun as they start to discover new textures, flavours and colours in food but they can also be messy and a little stressful. There are inevitably spills and stained clothes, plates and bowls could tip over, and when self-feeding begins, the chances of this happening only go up. 


The good news is finding the right baby serveware can make all of this a little easier for you and your child! While choosing serveware, the priority is of course safe materials that are 100% BPA, PVC, phthalate-free, ensuring the serveware is gentle on tiny teeth and gums, and is easy to hold. For your own convenience, plates and bowls should be designed to be easy to clean and shouldn’t tip over.


And like Oribel’s new range, it doesn’t hurt if the serveware looks great on a baby high chair like the Cocoon Z! Read on to know how this range checks all the boxes for the best baby serveware.


Bibs: The adjustable neck fastener on our cute pink and grey bibs means that the bib grows with your child and you don’t need to keep buying new ones. Like the rest of the our range, the bibs are made with soft, food-grade silicone and the deep spill-pocket catches any food that doesn’t make it to your baby’s mouth. It’s dishwasher safe so whether you’re feeding or starting self-feeding, there’s no need to worry about time consuming clean-up!


Baby Plate, Fork & Spoon: Self-feeders are enthusiastic while trying things out for themselves and this often means plates get flung around or suddenly slide onto the floor. Not anymore! The suction base of our baby plate makes sure it sticks to the table. Once your child is comfortably seated in an adjustable high chair like the Cocoon Z, the plate stays where it is. It’s easy to clean and also goes into the oven, microwave and dishwasher for maximum convenience. The easy-grip design of the fork and spoon are perfect for little hands to eat with and the soft material is always gentle on the mouth and gums.


Baby Bowl & Spoon: When you are feeding your child, the baby bowl and spoon is the perfect serveware. Like with the plate for older children, the baby bowl has a suction base as well, ensuring it doesn’t tip over. In a feeding high chair like the Cocoon Z, your baby can comfortably enjoy a meal as you feed using the soft and gentle spoon. To clean, simply hold it under running water or put it in the dishwasher.


If you’ve tried our serveware, we would love to know how you and your baby like it! Write to us wecare@loveoribel.com.