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Cocoon vs Cocoon Z. What’s the difference?
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Cocoon vs Cocoon Z. What’s the difference?

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The classics never go out of style but an upgrade is never a bad idea either! This is what we thought of when designing the Cocoon Z, focussing on the best features about the Cocoon and taking them one level up. 

If you’re trying to decide between the two high chairs, here’s a summary of the main differences between them.

Feeding tray: The Cocoon has two trays; the one on the top is dishwasher-safe on low heat settings and the bottom tray can be easily wiped down. In the Cocoon Z, we simplified things a little with one extra-large feeding tray which can now withstand higher temperatures in the dishwasher. While both trays are easily detachable, the Cocoon Z tray can also be submerged in water because it has no built-in mechanisms. In both these feeding high chairs, the trays are made of FDA-approved food-grade polymers, keeping safety our first priority. 

Gliders: Baby high chairs should be easy to move around and while the Cocoon has convenient wheels for this, the Cocoon Z has specially designed anti-scratch Teflon gliders. They let you move the high chair smoothly from room to room, without needing to lift it. The gliders do not trap hair and particles like wheels could, making them easier to clean when needed. 

Usability: We designed both high chairs to be long-lasting and to grow with your child up til 3 years of age. While the Cocoon can be used starting at 6 months, the Cocoon Z can be used by as early as newborn stage, with its cozy fully reclined position that is perfect for short naps. Both adjustable high chairs have three recline positions. And for when your little one is ready to join you at the dining table, the Cocoon Z has five adjustable height positions and the Cocoon has six. 

Footprint: The space that both high chairs take up on the floor, or their ‘footprint’, is similar as they’re sturdy and this footprint ensures stability. The Cocoon Z however, has a smaller sideways footprint so it takes up less space when drawn up to the table.

Comfort: The Cocoon and Cocoon Z have comfortable high backrests and side support with seamless EVA seat pads. The Cocoon Z has the added benefit of fewer crevices, creating a smoother surface for your baby. The bonus is it continues to be an easy-to-clean-high chair and there are fewer places for food to get stuck in. 

We hope this clarified the differences between these popular high chairs and if not, we’re happy to answer any further questions! Write to us