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Choose a high chair that has it all!
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Choose a high chair that has it all!

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Once you’re a parent, you realise the smaller your child, the larger the shopping list! And the speed at which they outgrow things keeps you on your toes and constantly looking for new clothes, shoes and toys.

But for bigger needs like a baby high chair which can be quite an investment, it’s great when you find one that isn’t just sturdy and well-designed, but one that’s really the whole package. One that doesn’t need to be replaced when your child goes from infancy to toddlerhood. One that doesn’t need a long list of add-ons to remain usable long term. We kept all of this in mind when we created the Cocoon Z.

The Cocoon Z is complete in itself for your baby to nap in, to be fed in and even to practice self-feeding. It goes seamlessly from lounger to feeding chair to dining chair! The Cocoon Z has a 5-point safety harness, 3 recline modes and 5 height adjustments to keep your baby safe and comfortable at all stages. All of the essentials are included and we make sure assembly is a snap and you need no tools.

At 0 months, the Cocoon Z is a cozy spot for your baby to lounge in or take short naps, without needing an add-on newborn set.

At 6 months, you can feed your baby in the Cocoon Z which comes complete with a large feeding tray and all the safety features required for a baby chair.  No add-ons required! Your 6 month old with limited trunk control will appreciate the high backrest and side supports which "cocoons" your little one for safety.  The adjustable safety harness that goes from 5-points to 3-points improve mobility as they grow. The Cocoon high chair is probably one of the most comfortable high chairs for early weaners!

After 18 months, the Cocoon Z can easily be moved to a dining table thanks to its smooth gliders that can be locked for more stability, 5-level height adjustment for growing children and a comfy footrest. Your child will love being a part of family meals! It’s the ultimate adjustable high-chair without any additional parts.

It’s also crucial that the high chair you choose can be cleaned easily because then it can be a part of your child’s life for a long time. The Cocoon Z’s EVA seat pad is removable, easy to wipe down and washable. The feeding tray is detachable and dishwasher-safe so while a mess is inevitable when self-feeding begins, the clean-up isn’t stressful!

We also wanted the Cocoon Z to look great in your home! Its stylish, minimalist design, lovely colour options and space-saving design is just the thing for modern homes. The fact that it can be easily moved around and keeps your spaces clutter-free, makes it the best high chair for small spaces.


So there’s a reason (or many), that the Cocoon Z is such a hit with parents and children alike. In other words, your hunt for the best baby high chair ends here!