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Happy International Women's Day 2024!
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Happy International Women's Day 2024!

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Dear parents,

Every year on International Women’s Day, we read and hear about the appreciation and celebration of the women in our lives. But what we don’t often hear or say, is the need for women to appreciate and celebrate themselves.

The terms ‘wonder woman’ and ‘super mom’ are used liberally to describe women who ‘do it all’, mothers in particular. But here at Oribel, we celebrate Rebel Moms every year and this year, we’d like to simply say “you deserve a break!” Our team includes many mothers and we know that sometimes, to ‘rebel’ is to just take a moment for ourselves. To celebrate ourselves.

Motherhood is a beautiful, but demanding journey and it can be hard to press the pause button. Today, we’d like to encourage you to do so. The smallest step to look out for yourself can go a long way.

When your mind and body have been through an unbelievable number of changes, when you’re sleep deprived and learning everything on the job, when you’re doing your best to raise a Rebel Girl or Boy, when you’re trying to soak in every moment while juggling a million things…sometimes you just need a break. For your wellbeing, both physical and mental.

So, whatever stage of motherhood you’re at, make time for yourself whether it’s a week, a day, even an hour. Express yourself in ways you may not have had the time for since a little one came into your life. Reach out for support not just on the tough days, but on the good days too. Be kind to yourself, take the pressure off yourself and most importantly, treat yourself!

This Women’s Day, whatever the world does or does not say, first celebrate YOU!


Warm regards,

Cindy Goh-Cabral

Mom to two rebel girls

Founder, Oribel