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A whole new angle (or three!) on the Cocoon Z!
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A whole new angle (or three!) on the Cocoon Z!

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The Cocoon Z is the newest, coolest kid on the block. Sleek, stylish, and efficient. As parents ourselves, we dove headfirst into making this the only multipurpose recliner highchair your child will ever need. A big part of this is why we have three reclining angles on the Cocoon Z, based on extensive research into the optimum posture and most ergonomic highchairs for infants and toddlers. Each angle gives your child the maximum comfort and gives you the most peace of mind.


Recline: for infants up to 3 months old, this cozy reclined position is the perfect little cocoon for your baby to hang out with you while you do the laundry or just take some time for yourself with a cup of tea! While the reclining position is recommended for short amounts of time, it provides the neck and head support that babies require at this age. And the plush 2-in-1 Sleep Cushion makes it extra comfy!

Best recliner high chair for your little one


Mid-recline: for early-weaners and to start bottle-feeding between 4 to 8 months, the mid-recline position is great as it helps prevent GERD or acid reflux. Your baby is safely strapped in while you feed with the bottle, leaving one hand free which is very precious for a new parent!

Easy to feed high chair for babies

Upright: for babies that can sit up easily and are starting solids, usually around 6 months, the Cocoon Z’s upright position makes it the perfect feeding or self-feeding chair, which makes it an easy to feed high chair. The high back makes it one of the most comfortable chairs around especially for children without full trunk-control. The extra lumbar support from the 2-in-1 Sleep Cushion helps prop up your child better. In fact, research shows that children sit happily in the Cocoon Z for longer than in other leading high chairs. The height can easily be adjusted so your child’s feet are planted properly on the sturdy footrest and the padded EVA seat is not only comfortable, it’s a breeze to clean. When upright, the Cocoon Z can also be used at the dining table so your child can eat with the whole family!


Recliner high chair for toddlers

If you have the Cocoon Z, we’d love to see which of its reclining positions your child is currently using and what you think about it. Find us on Instagram @loveoribel or send us an email with your feedback! And if you’re thinking about purchasing the Cocoon Z, we hope this information has been useful. Please feel free to write to us with any questions!