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Introducing the new Cocoon Z!
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Introducing the new Cocoon Z!

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We couldn’t be more excited about the much-loved Cocoon getting bumped up to first class! The Cocoon Z has everything you and your baby love about the original, but it’s now sleeker, newborn friendly, easy to clean, and easy to feed high chair and is the perfect fit in contemporary homes. Let’s dive in!

Cocoon Z High Chair by Love Oribel

Our aim with the Cocoon Z was to make it even more comfortable for your little one and more convenient for you. Which is why it now has fewer crevices, creating a smoother surface for your baby and bonus, fewer places for food to get stuck in. We fully understand that post mealtime clean-ups can take a while, particularly with enthusiastic babies who fling food more than they eat and did our best to make it efficient.


Easy to clean high chair - Cocoon Z

The large feeding tray is now a single piece, making it a super easy to feed and, easy to clean high chair and so is the EVA seat pad, which just needs a quick wipe-down. So messy mealtimes just got a little less stressful and you have more time to enjoy watching your little one learn to self-feed!


Cocoon Z - a height adjustable high chair

From being usable at 6 months, we’ve now redesigned the 3 in 1 Cocoon high chair to make it usable at 0 months, for more cozy little nap times and more breathing time for you. Three convenient reclining modes and five height settings are easy to adjust, turning it from lounger to high chair in no time. So that you can go from feeding your baby, to having your toddler join you at the dining table, all grown up!

The wheels, created as gliders on all four legs, help you move the highchair easily, turning it a full 360 degrees. As always, safety is the focus with secure locks on the rear legs to make sure you have nothing to worry about. 

Oribel’s new Cocoon Z high chair

 And with some great additional accessories, you can add even more comfort and convenience to the Cocoon Z. A multi-use, safe and portable splat mat can be placed under the high chair or as a table cover for art projects as your baby grows up.  A soft seat cushion provides head support as your baby naps. And for extra comfort, check out the padded seat liner that has a hydrophobic eco-coating to prevent food and beverage stains. As with everything we make, these accessories are easy to clean and machine washable.

Cocoon Z high chair with seat liner


In its new sleeker avatar, we also wanted to make sure it continues to fit perfectly into your home, keeping in mind today’s minimalistic interiors. In beautiful colours like sunset pink, cloud grey and sea green, the Cocoon Z is even more stylish and we know you’ll love it as much as your baby does! Most parents leave the Cocoon Z out at all times simply because it’s unlike any other high chair in appearance. It blends into your decor rather than sticking out, making it unnecessary to stow away and bring out multiple times in the day. Win win!

Easy to feed high chair - Cocoon Z

 We hope you’ll upgrade to the Cocoon Z really soon and let us know how you like this lean, clean, sleeker machine!