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High Chair Garland

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Here at Oribel, we are big fans of festooning, especially to celebrate baby. Bring on the festivities and foofaraw with these frilly-willy tassels. Hang them on your wee-one’s Cocoon and then serve up the cake! It’s time to parry because baby turns one!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tissue paper




1. Layer 4 or more sheets of tissue paper in different colors. Line your papers up and then cut a strip that around 5-6 inches.

2. Cut a fringe into your layered tissue paper about halfway through the strip on both sides. Be sure to leave some space in the middle.

3. Start to twist your tissue paper. Pinching the center will ensure it stays in place. Tossel your tassel by grabbing around the strip and squeezing. This will give the tassel extra frill.

4. Repeat these steps and attach your garland together if you’d like a longer strand. Hang on your Cocoon and then enjoy the party! Baby only turns one once!

(*Optional- Add fun cut out numbers/letters to your garland to personalize your decor.)


Did you try this DIY and love it? We want to see your wee-one on their special day. Share the fun by tagging your photos with #oribelcreations.

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