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Oribel VertiPlay STEM Marble Run — A revolutionary new toy system
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Oribel VertiPlay STEM Marble Run — A revolutionary new toy system

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Press Release
Oct 8, 2019


70 years ago, when Lego introduced the world’s first interlocking bricks system of play, it triggered the imagination and attention of kids all around the world. An expandable, versatile and intuitive way to play that honed mental and motor skills. Surprisingly, there has never been anything like it after that.

Which is why Oribel is so excited to introduce the VertiPlay STEM Marble Run! A first-of-its kind modular wall toy that is distinct, challenging and extra-fun. The silicone base mats stick easily to walls and vertical surfaces (no floor clutter!) in a honeycomb structure. The goal is to then arrange the various play pieces (straight ramps, curvy ramps, see-saws, and windmills) on the base so that they carry the marble (a wooden ball) down to the desired point.

With these different parts, your child can create an endless number of routes for the marble, adjusting and extending them to change the marble’s speed and efficiency. The idea is to figure out how to place the ramps on a suitable hook, angle the pieces and extend them to give the marble the right velocity, trajectory, and direction to guide it to its goal. The possibilities and challenges are endless

Carol, a mother of two from Chicago, who tested the toy before launch says, “What I like about the VertiPlay Marble Run is how engaged it kept my 7-year old. It took him a few attempts to get the hang of it but figured it out with his Dad. Now he goes back to the toy every day and comes up with new combinations and challenges of his own! That almost never happens with any of his toys.”

This kind of free-play helps in developing the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) skills and familiarises kids with the concepts in a play setting. Parents look for toys that are STEAM-centric as these skills are needed in today’s workplaces. Most studies say that human beings are not born with STEAM skills. Rather, we learn and improve upon them as we get older. And starting at an early age makes this goal more achievable. For example, working the Marble Run helps children to get more comfortable with science and physics vocabulary. They are then able to observe the application of terms like velocity, friction, momentum and lever in their everyday lives as well.

Oribel’s VertiPlay Marble Run is available for purchase on and on Amazon. It is recommended for children 5 years and older. It comes in two different color themes, that can be bought in one big pack or as individual pieces that kids can use to build their own sets or extend existing sets. A lot of challenges have been posted on a special Instagram page Oribel_vertiplay to get the ball rolling for beginners.

Due to a high level of interest from educational institutes and home-schooling parents, Oribel is including ‘teaching guides’ in all the ‘School Packs’ of VertiPlay Marble Run that come with 6 mat bases.

Press Contact:
Smriti Modi

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