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More fun and more growth with the PortaPlay Monsterland Adventures!
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More fun and more growth with the PortaPlay Monsterland Adventures!

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Entertaining your child for extended periods isn’t always cute and can be stressful, but it’s also a great time to create some cozy family moments. Interactive, sensory and educational play have a long list of proven benefits especially at a time when your baby’s development is at its fastest! This is why we love the PortaPlay Monsterland Adventures because it really is the ultimate stay-at-home companion. A source of endless joy and entertainment for your little one with the added bonus of fostering cognitive development.

The monster toys are stage-appropriate, with fun ones like Pow Wow musical drums and Jiggler for early development at 5 to 8 months. The advanced activity toys include sensory toys like Pushey Pulley and Mischief Mirror. We worked with an Occupational Therapy professor in Singapore to create each of these toys, ensuring they support key developmental milestones at both stages. These include fine motor skills like pincer grasp, dexterity and hand-eye coordination, cognitive skill sets like self awareness, cause-and-effect, recognition, problem solving and musical awareness. As always, we use the safest materials so your little ones can play with and even chew on (there’s a special teether toy!) to their heart’s content.

Research has shown the numerous benefits of imaginative play and this is something we focused on while creating the monster toys. This is unique to Oribel, in that the toys don’t fit a certain mould or have a specific way in which to be played with. Take for example Mr. Jiggler, a friendly monster that could be a microphone, a potato and so much more! Watch him come alive and see how it encourages storytelling, sparks your child’s imagination and promotes creativity.

The PortaPlay is also the most secure little place for your child to spend some time while you finish work or simply take a breather. The seat fabric stretches for some bouncing fun and the seat itself rotates 360-degree so baby can easily spin and turn to reach any of the eye-catching toys. All of this helps build gross motor skills in the legs and arms while discovering a new kind of mobility.

This stage-based activity center also grows with your child, going from a height-adjustable play center with four possible adjustments, to a play table, which is the perfect spot to draw, paint and much more.

 For playtime and learning, we made sure the toys are interchangeable so they can be easily swapped around and as little minds develop, this means more variety in play to keep things interesting, always. In fact, even when the activity center and play table aren’t being used, it continues to entertain because the removable Bubbles toy for sensory play can be taken anywhere and everywhere!

 And we’re sure parents can’t resist the cute monsters either, so get ready for some family-friendly entertainment! Do you have the PortaPlay Monsterland Adventures at home? We’d love to know what you and your child think of it and how it’s helped with more indoor time. Let us know on Instagram @loveoribel or write to us at