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The Marble Run runs across America!
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The Marble Run runs across America!

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“She has started talking about becoming an engineer and construct bridges!”

“I think I spend more time playing with it than the kids in my class.”

“It makes him use his problem solving skills to line up all the pieces to make a track for the ball. I also LOVE that it's up off the floor!!!! 


Oribel’s Marble Run is a runaway hit! Since its launch in September 2019, it has made its way into homes all over America, creating more happiness than imaginable and becoming an instant hit.

This year at the New York Toy Show, Oribel is excited to have a larger-than-life Marble Run displayed on Booth #6555!

The Marble Run which was very popular during the holiday season is now evolving into a teaching aid in schools and STEM learning centres. For parents who want to make STEM skills easier and more fun at home itself, Oribel also created specially designed lesson plans. These can easily be downloaded from the website and they help bring alive basic physics concepts through the ramps and the gravity and trajectory of the marble.

The Marble Run sticks easily to walls like the rest of Oribel’s VertiPlay range, which means less floor clutter. Always a win! To start playing, children (or adults!) attach ramps to the hexagonal bases which form a kind of obstacle course for the marble. Moving the various ramps around changes the path and speed of the marble. As the concepts become clearer, children find more and more ways to create the most efficient path and using the extendable sets, there is no limit to the length or complexity of the Marble Run!

Like the VertiPlay range that reimagined walls, the Marble Run reimagines the potential of STEM toys. Blurring the line between playing and learning, it takes forward Oribel’s philosophy of creating original and smart products for modern parents and children. With award-winning products that sell in 40 countries across the world, Oribel has grown 50% over the last year and is excited to add the Marble Run to its success story.

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Smriti Modi