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Read reviews from moms like you for the Cocoon High Chair, PortaPlay Activity Center and VertiPlay Wall Toys. Curated from the web – Amazon, Instagram, Target and more.


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26 Sep, 2019

My son loves it!

We put it up on the wall in a play area for my 8 month old son and he loves it! He especially loves spinning the wheels and is starting to understand the knocker as well. It was super easy to install and is adorable.

Sierra from

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17 Sep, 2019

Great addition to play rooms

This is a cute toy. It was easy to stick on the wall and my kids like playing with it. I Purchased along with other oribel wall toys. They make for a nice addition to the playroom and I love that they take up no floor space! I had to adjust some of them after applying to the wall and was able to do so without any damage to toy or wall.

KPC from

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17 Sep, 2019

Guaranteed giggles!

My two-year-old niece loves this toy and can't simply can't get enough! She giggles everytime she sees the wooden block tumble down the ladder and towards the bottom. I was really impressed with the quality of this toy. It was light and easy to apply to the wall. There's fine craftsmanship in all of the wooden details and overall it just looks like a really well-made toy. It's a toy that's easy to use and guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained!

Arleny from

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17 Sep, 2019

Perfect gift

This is a high quality fun, interactive toy that frees up space on the ground. Easy to peel and stick and will not ruin walls! Fun and different than just your average gift.

Lynne from

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17 Sep, 2019

Such an entertaining toy!!

I ordered this toy after my daughter loved the xylophone from Oribel verti play series.
She finds the wood pecker so mesmerizing that i dont have to come and even check on her. It keeps her occupied for a long time.
The best part of all their toys is that there is NO clean up needed. My child can choose to play with anyone she feels like. Mostly she follows a pattern of moving one toy on the wall to another. :D

Sweta from

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17 Sep, 2019

Multi-functional, great invention!

Rafa has been loving his Vertical Wall toys from @loveoribel ❤️ It’s a definite great invention. Less clutter on the floor to clean up over and over again(you know what I mean😭 life with kids, especially toddlers. Never a day you don’t step onto on of their toys🤦‍♀️) These VertiPlay toys are multi-functional — it’s a room decor + toys.😊

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