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Safety is of utmost importance to us.

This is why we take control of the entire product development process, from material selection to manufacturing and finally to product testing and validation.


All materials we use in our products are selected to meet aesthetics, functional, tactual and above all, the highest level of safety requirements. Part of the material validation process includes stringent testing at established and independent laboratories to ensure that materials meet and exceed ASTM, EN and REACH standards for hazardous substances and material cleanliness.

We ensure that all our materials are sourced from reputable, certified sources and when a product goes into production, we monitor every incoming batch of material closely. Being equipped with our very own material safety lab means that we are able to sample test incoming batches of materials to ensure material integrity batch after batch.


Oribel products are built or fully packed and inspected in our very own facilities located in Singapore, Malaysia and China. This allows us the ability to ensure the highest standard of workmanship in all our products.

We implement robust manufacturing practices to ensure consistency in manufacturing. Checkpoints are built along the process to eliminate workmanship issues that may compromise product integrity.

This ensures the safety and quality of the validated products from the very first unit to the millionth unit.


Final products are tested by certified external laboratories to ensure that they meet and exceed national and industry standards, including the ASTM, EN, UL, CE and other requirements. Internally, we uphold to standards significantly higher than the national requirements.

This end-to-end ability is a promise that every Oribel product is safe and trusted for use by all our little ones.