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VertiPlay Wall Toy: Tree Top Adventure

US$39.90 US$39.90

 Mr Caterpillar goes on an adventure filled with action and movement that kids will want to play again and again, and again. You cannot go wrong with this best-selling wooden ramp toy. Whether you're buying as a gift or for your own little one, this is a definite winner!

Age suitability: 2 years +

VertiPlay Wall Toy: Musical Rail Track Oribel Gift Card

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VertiPlay Reviews

Darya via Amazon

Darya via Amazon

"Love this Oribel VertiPlay toy. My 16 months old daughter was instantly interested in it as soon as I stuck it to the wall. I love all the whimsical forest creatures and details. It keeps my girl interested, she keeps coming back to it throughout the day puts the car on the track and says "Wow-wow, wroom-wroom,""

Fab via Amazon

Fab via Amazon

"My four year old truly loves this toy. He uses it daily what little boy doesn't like cars and a track. It's become a favorite for play dates, highly recommend for children one year and older. We have moved it twice and no issue with either wall very high quality product."

Daphne via Instagram

Daphne via Instagram

"Rafa has been loving his Vertical Wall toys from @loveoribel  It’s a definite great invention. Less clutter on the floor to clean up over and over again(you know what I mean, never a day you don’t step onto on of their toys) These VertiPlay toys are multi-functional — it’s a room decor + toys."

Heather via Instagram

Heather via Instagram

"A little play corner that at the same time saves me from cleaning toys up from the floor and Rosie and Fern can be found playing here endlessly. Win win!"

Ami via Instagram

Ami via Instagram

"How do you keep your house organized with a toddler? Leo is really good at cleaning up after himself but I still feel like my house is invaded and taken over by his toys. I found this @loveoribel toy to put on the wall to declutter!"

Taylor via Instagram

Taylor via Instagram

"These are genius! ✨ I love that I won’t have to ever worry about picking them up off the ground 10xs a day. 😂"

Made With Love 

Product meets and exceeds ASTM and EN standards.

Toys Stick Well On 

Raw wood, painted wood, laminates and most smooth surfaces.

Don't Stick Well On 

Textured painted walls, wallpaper and rough surfaces.


L: 11in | 28cm
H: 17.7in | 45cm
Weight: 0.93lbs | 420g

L: 12.2in | 31cm
W: 2.2in | 5.5cm 
H: 19.3in | 49cm
Weight: 1.93lbs | 874g

Easy to remove

It is easy to remove wall toys from any smooth surface without causing damage to the wall. 

To remove: Peel from the top corner of the decal and bend it back over itself. Pull downwards carefully and slowly to avoid wall damage.

To reposition: Wall toys can be repositioned a few times (about 5-10 times, depending on the wall and the care taken when removing). Once removed stick the toy back on the film that it comes on. Or, immediately stick on the new wall-surface avoiding dust and grime.