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3 Easy Steps to create the BEST Winter-Edition Marble Run!
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3 Easy Steps to create the BEST Winter-Edition Marble Run!

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It’s not fun being cooped up due to the harsh winter weather and social distancing. Sigh! Perhaps, you won’t meet family and not visit Santa at the mall. Christmas is not cancelled, though! With a little effort and creativity, you can do fun activities with kids and make some wonderful memories. 

Snowy mountains and swift slopes inspired this, shall we say, Ski Run!  

What’s so amazing about Marble Run is that it’s completely open-ended. There are countless ways to build and design your Marble Run track, so the possibilities are endless. One can get more creative by adding new characters or different background printouts to tell a story.  

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Moreover, not only is it fun to play with, you can also use this time to create your personal holiday décor. And the best part is... Everyone can be a part of it! Rather than sitting the kids down in front of holiday movie (although we love doing that too!), make this Christmas extra special for everyone!  

Come along! It’s time to spruce up your kids’ playroom into a winter wonderland!  

Roll through the slopes with a Ski Marble Run – Winter Edition 

Step 1: Place your 6 VertiPlay Marble Run STEM placemats in a hexagonal manner as shown below. Having a ‘brain freeze’ and need help to get creative juices flowing?

Click here for some challenges template and feel free to replicate them!

Step 2: Get creative and c
reate 2 long courses of Marble Run using different rampsusing as many ramps as possible – Beginner Ski-Route and Expert Ski-Route 

Did you know that different play pieces used would change the marble’s speed and efficiency?
Create a bunny slope for Beginner Level by using long straight tracksAdd small “steps” using End-caps and watch the marble do a bunny-hop downhill! 

For Expert Levelmake long curvy routes by joining the curvy tracks. Incline the ramp upwards to help the ball get more speed and cover more distance.

Step 3: Let’s get crafty! 
Print out winter-themed illustrations on a paper and stick them all around the marble run track. This will definitely make the perfect Christmassy backdrop to display year-round! Click here to download Ski-Run Printable Cut-outs! 


    Get competitive and challenge one another to see who can create the longest Marble Run Ski-Route track! A little healthy competition is always good as it inspires and motivates kids to do their best.  

    Looking for inspiration to make more creative scenes with your Marble Run. Check out our Summer-to-FallHalloween Haunted House and Easter Egg Hunt Marble Run Track.

    There are SO many things about winter you can enjoy as a family, whether it’s getting out in the winter weather or enjoying activities indoors! 

    What winter activities do you love doing with your kids? Let us know in the comments below!