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Let’s do some online Marble Run-ing!
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Let’s do some online Marble Run-ing!

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By now, you’re probably no stranger to our Marble Run, the new game in our VertiPlay range to improve STEM skills an make science fun for kids!

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It sticks easily to walls, is the perfect solo or family game, and is incredibly versatile. There are endless possibilities to create different challenges, finding the best possible path for the marble to take. The Marble Run can be extended to create longer and more complex games!

In keeping with the new school year being online for many children, we launched an online version of the Marble Run! This easy-to-navigate game comes with two modes: free play and guided play.

The Free Play mode, as the name suggests, leaves the player free to arrange the ramps in any way and see how the marble moves. The more innovative the path for the marble is, the better! We encourage players to share their creations on Instagram and stand a chance to win the wall-version of the Marble Run! Here’s what this mode looks like.

The Guided Play mode is focused on different concepts of science, with each ‘lesson plan’, designed as a configuration based on one concept: gravity, propel, speed, pivot and rotation. Here’s what the configuration for ‘speed’ looks like.

The player needs to recreate this configuration using the ramps available, launch the marble and see how it moves! Science comes alive in this mode as the player observes just how the different ramps and their positions affect the speed (or other concepts) of the marble. In addition to also becoming familiar with important STEM terms like ‘trajectory’ and ‘incline’, this mode improves your child's problem solving and critical thinking skills. The ramps can easily be moved around just like in the wall-version of the game.

The Marble Run helps your child embrace independent play and reduces the need to have a continuous list of pastimes or activities. It encourages young minds to think out-of-the-box, improves focus and concentration as well as discover more about themselves. This online version is also a great way to ensure some productive screen-time as part of all the remote learning and education children are becoming familiar with.

Has your child tried the game yet? Do you have the wall-version of the Marble Run too? We’d love to hear what you think of both. Leave us a comment below!

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