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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best High Chair for Your Baby!
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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best High Chair for Your Baby!

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It’s no secret that when it comes to buying just about anything for your baby, the huge range of options out there can be mind-boggling. From toys to clothes, strollers to cribs and of course, the perfect high chair. One that’s comfortable and safe for your baby to sit in, lets you easily feed and then encourage self-feeding, one that’s durable, low maintenance and as a bonus, looks great in your home! With all of the different brands available now, how should you go about choosing the best baby high chair?   

Here’s what we suggest. Ask yourself these 6 questions and we think the choice will be quite clear! 

  1. Can this high chair grow with my baby? Since babies grow so fast, many of their things need to be regularly replaced. But a high chair is often quite an investment and not something that can be bought every few months. Choose one that allows adjustments in height, recline angles, and tray positions so that caregiver and baby have the most comfortable positions during mealtimes.  
    Adjusting the Cocoon highchair requires no tools, and is as simple as a click on the buttons.  Plus, the Cocoon highchair is a multi-function highchair – a lounger for newborns and a complete highchair for feeding, a great value gear to declutter the home. It's a reclining and convertible high chair that grows-with-your-child up to 3 years, with six height adjustments! 

  2. Safety is most important! Make sure your high chair meets at least one of the key regulatory standards, the ASTM 404 or EN14988 and is certified by an external and reputable lab. All Oribel’s products meet and exceed both ASTM and EN standards and is approved by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) of the United States. 
    The most common accident when using a highchair is a falling child. So, make sure your baby is comfortably but safely strapped in when using the highchair. A good high chair should always have an adjustable harness. While most have a 3-point harness, the Cocoon has a 5-point harness which is even better at making sure your baby can’t wiggle out or fall forward in the chair. 
  3. Is it easy to clean and maintain? 

    This is an important one! With everything you juggle as a parent, having a high-maintenance high chair shouldn’t be on the list. It needs to be super easy to clean particularly when the messy stage of self-feeding begins! Unlike wooden high chairs with upholstered seat pads, the Cocoon has a seamless foam pad that can be wiped down in seconds. The food tray also comes with a dishwasher-safe detachable upper tray so you don’t have to do the cleaning! 
  4. Can I move it around and store it without a hassle? If you feed your child in both the kitchen and dining rooms, you would want a chair that can be moved easily so look out for chairs with wheels. If space is a constraint, choose a highchair that can fold or store well. The Cocoon front wheels allow it to be moved easily and its foldable design and easy stowaway tray, will fit neatly in a corner when not in use. (But the Cocoon looks so stylish you may want it right in the spotlight at all times!) 
  5. How good is it for feeding? Babies start with assisted feeding then move into a self-feeding stage. In the early stage, sit babies with a slight recline to prevent reflux issues. When the child is able to self-feed, sit them more upright to ease the use of cutlery. 

    With 3 recline adjustments, the Cocoon makes mealtimes comfortable. The Cocoon also comes with an additional food and cup holder that attaches to the side so parents can come closer during the assisted feeding stages.  

    When your baby grows older the process of self-feeding begins. A high chair should be equipped for this stage with a large and easy to clean feeding tray because things inevitably get messy.  

  6. Is it suitable for family mealtimes? It’s always fun when your baby gets to join the grown-up table! Till a dining chair is both safe and comfortable, choose a high chair that’s easy to bring up to the table so everyone can eat together. The Cocoon seat has 6 height adjustments and will suit most tables and kitchen counters comfortably!