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A happy user of the Cocoon Z High Chair!
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Cocoon Z: The Ultimate Baby High Chair

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Starting a baby on solids may be a huge milestone, but convincing a baby to eat on demand? That’s a milestone for even the most veteran parent!

baby trying to eat the food from magazine pictures
Don’t we all wish it could be this easy?

From deciding what food is best for their blossoming taste buds to the stress of ensuring (most of) the food successfully enters their mouth, it is understandable why the anxiety-inducing process of feeding an infant is feared by parents around the world. And let’s not even get started on the cleaning up!

The high chair will be a staple for everyone involved during this time. However, they can be guilty of being uni-functional and a massive space-hog, richly deserving their reputation for being a luxurious necessity. But what if there was a high chair for babies that was beautiful, compact and multi-functional; a faithful companion for your baby, transforming as they grow?

Meet Cocoon Z and all its colorways!


Keeping with our ethos of making thoughtful and functional baby products, Cocoon is designed to evolve from an infant recliner to a baby high chair that can be pulled up to the family table, like any other regular adult chair. Sounds magical, doesn't it? But wait, there’s more! Being parents ourselves, we know that safety and cleaning are two big priorities. Cocoon is made from sturdy durable plastic and BPA-free foam. It's also a dream to clean- a quick wipe down and you're done!

Want to find out more?

Cocoon to Butterfly: The high chair that grows with your child

As the name suggests, the Cocoon Z is designed to snugly envelop your baby in their early months. It is even safe for newborns, and it's high chair that grows with your child, all the way up to 3 years old. It is a convertible high chair, that can act as a cozy recliner with three angles of reclining, making it the perfect place to bottle-feed them and nap right after, all in one place. 


If only we had a Cocoon for adults...

Easy feeding for babies and toddlers

Introducing solids to your toddler is a special moment and those first few feedings are great opportunities for bonding. Nothing should get between your baby and you when you enjoy the look of gleeful anticipation as you spoon food into their mouth. Airplane noises not included.

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All-new gliders for smooth, 360-degree movement.

Cocoon Z gives wheels a minimalist makeover with gliders that are discreetly ensconced within its legs. Designed to keep your child safe in all situations, they offer additional stability to the chair and can be easily locked to prevent movement.

As your baby gets bigger and stronger, buckle them in securely with our 5-point harness. Use the detachable tray when they wish to feed themselves or to hold a book as you feed them. The large tray has ample space for your mini-me to let loose their messy creativity, without that mess spilling over to the floor. Easily operated with one hand, this tray can also neatly be stowed away behind the chair - and don’t worry, it’s magnetic so you don’t have to use more effort than necessary during clean-up! When they are ready to join you at the dinner table, wheel them over and adjust it to one of the six preset heights.

You might actually enjoy clean up!

Neatness isn't usually a quality you'd associate with babies, and their reputation for adorable messiness precedes them. But we know that cuteness has never helped clean anything up. Fortunately, Cocoon gives your tiny Picasso all the freedom to play around but makes it really easy for you to clean up. For a quick clean, wipe down Cocoon’s stain-resistant, EVA seat pad. For a more thorough clean, the seat pad and straps are easily removed for washing.

You're kidding yourself if you think this isn't going to happen to you.

What about the tray? We've redesigned the Cocoon Z's tray, with a press-to-pop mechanism to easily remove and attach the tray whenever needed! Dishwasher safe, ensuring that the clean up after finishes in a jiffy! It is the best, easy-to-clean high chair you'll ever find.

The perfect fit for the modern home

How's THIS for #HouseGoals?

We’ll keep this brief. The Cocoon Z has a sleek, minimal frame and can be stored away easily. But wait, did you know that most parents don’t even bother with folding the Cocoon, ever! Its sleek lines come in 4 aesthetic colors that complement and accentuate the decor of a modern home. There is Ice Grey, Avocado Green, Cotton Candy Pink and Lemonade Yellow! You don’t have to ever put it away, and with the envious looks you'll be getting from your visitors, why would you want to?

More than just a pretty face, and much more than your average high chair, Cocoon Z will be a member of your family, supporting your little butterfly at every step from bottle to table! Find the high chair of your dreams here!