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How to make a ‘smart’ baby home!
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How to make a ‘smart’ baby home!

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 Let’s be real. Multi-tasking is the need of the hour. And as parents, no one understands this better than you do. You juggle home, work, play dates, doctor’s appointments, car pools, birthday parties and as your child grows up, that list only gets longer.

So when you need to be an all-in-one superhuman, you need your home to be that way too. That means not having a million gadgets for a million tasks. And definitely not a whole bunch of clutter. Preferably, just one many-armed, tireless robot. We get it. And while we haven’t built that robot (yet), we did think of ways to help today’s modern but compact homes remain that way even after a baby.Products that can double and triple up to simplify your life while being super efficient.

The good news is there’s plenty of ways to do that. Multi-purpose, smart products for everything from playtime to storing baby clothes are easily available. But where do you start? That’s where we come in, and hopefully you’ll find these tips useful!

Think compact

Detachable, foldable, collapsible. These should be your new favourite words.  So plan to install a fold-down changing table that can easily be stowed away. Consider a mini crib and a smaller rocking chair instead of the usual large ones. Collapsible bath tubs, clip-on high chairs, closets with more than one rod to hang lots of tiny baby clothes: the ideas are endless! Also remember to push furniture closer than you normally would. It saves some space and doesn’t look as cluttered as you would think.

fold-down changing table with baby's necessities


Think invisible

‘Hidden’ storage is the way to go when you’re short on space but don’t want your home looking like a warehouse! Start with the space under the crib where large storage boxes can fit, or even under a bed or sofas with covered legs. Buying a box bed is always a good idea in smaller homes since they come with built in storage. And a stack of cloth drawers can sit neatly inside closets, keeping things organised. Small shelves, hooks and racks on the inside of wardrobe doors are also a huge help!

modified baby crib with built-in storage


Think multi-functional

Use the top of a dresser as a changing table, so that you can store baby clothes and change diapers right there. Or use a dresser as a TV table too! Avoid decor that’s only decorative and instead, make it useful. Like a cute, painted rack with hooks to hang things on. A shoe organiser that hangs inside a closet can also hold small baby products like pacifiers and toys.

Playtime itself can be made more efficient with our PortaPlay activity centre plus exer-saucer plus play table! It transforms effortlessly as your baby grows which means you don’t need to keep replacing it. It folds and unfolds easily, has adjustable height options and can be stored vertically to avoid any mess on the floor. Bonus, it’s safe and comfortable so you can get a moment to yourself while your baby plays!


Think vertical

Not every home has a large floor area, but every home certainly has walls! Use the space to your advantage with vertical shelving, wall rods for baby clothes, and a laundry bag that hangs from a hook instead of a bulky laundry basket. Buy storage baskets in different sizes that are stacked vertically so they hold the same amount of stuff and occupy half the space. Sturdy attachments to hang strollers on doors are now easily available so that’s one less thing to trip over!

vertical wall shelves for storage for reducing clutter at home


The most important thing is to make sure you get rid of anything unnecessary before a baby comes along. Just doing that frees up a lot of space! And a baby registry helps with gifts that are smart, compact and useful. Say no to anything gigantic that you have no room for! We’d love to hear how you’ve made your home baby-efficient! In the meantime, do go through our smartly designed, aesthetic range of products for your baby and you. Write to us at !