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Do Father’s Day your way!
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Do Father’s Day your way!

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Hey Dads, it’s time to celebrate you! We got to thinking about Father’s Day this year and wondered, wouldn’t it be fun to take the day into your hands? Maybe the breakfast in bed (probably made by Mom with your sleepy kids trying not to burn the toast) and customary brunch reservations could do with a little change. They’re fun, no doubt and make you feel pretty special, but if you were planning the whole thing, how would it go?

Think about your favourite way to spend a Sunday and take some time for yourself. And here’s our suggestion, bring your kids into it and introduce them to their Dad’s most fun ideas. Make a day of it, or do something for just an hour, it’s all up to you. Your kids get to see another side of you and it could become a yearly tradition. Without realising it, you suddenly have an extra special day with your kids that they’ll never forget.

Here are some ideas on things to do with your kids on Father's Day and we’d love to know yours! 

Take them back in time

If you have some of your childhood toys stored away somewhere, now’s the time to dust them off. Or think about the games you liked to play with your friends, and teach your kids the same ones.  Or play a movie that doesn’t air anymore, but one that you grew up watching. Anything that makes a refreshing change for you and for them!

Teach them a skill

Do you paint? Cook? Build stuff? Play the piano? Whatever it is you like to do on your day off, make Father’s Day the time to introduce your kids to it. It could be an outdoorsy, all-day activity like learning to fish, or simply stay in and show them why you’re the Dad that makes the World’s Best Pancakes.


Take them on a trip

Think of your ideal weekend gateway and make it happen this Sunday! Feel like renting a cabin in the woods? Or doing a little wine tasting at a vineyard a few hours away? Maybe a fun camping trip? (Our PortaPlay Activity Centers can be taken along for your kids!). Not all trips with your children have to be to the zoo or amusement park. It can be just as fun to take them somewhere totally unexpected, while you get to have your kind of mini vacation too!


Turn your home into a new world

If there were nothing to stop you, where would you like to live? Whether it’s on the Moon or inside a movie theatre, give your home a little makeover with your kids. Get creative, use what’s on hand and show them whole new possibilities. They’ll love the chance to turn things upside down and so will you. It’s not just kids that get to live in make believe worlds!

celebrate fathers day with make believe


Take a time out

As a parent, you need and should have a little downtime whenever possible. And Father’s Day is basically designed for it! Use this to your advantage and declare it an official Nap Day, Take a Break Day, No Big Plans Day. It’s perfectly acceptable and gives your kids a chance to finally go get you that breakfast in bed!

Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy yourself because despite the avalanche of cards and gifts and chocolates out there that makes this a bit overwhelming, you still do deserve a celebration! Let us know how you spent the day in the comments below. Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing Dads!