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The longest toy-on-a-wall at NY Toy Show
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The longest toy-on-a-wall at NY Toy Show

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Oribel revolutionised the idea of playtime with its VertiPlay Wall Toys for kids that turned walls into playgrounds. The company is now launching its first STEM toy: VertiPlay Marble Run.

To celebrate the launch, Oribel has created what is perhaps the world’s longest marble run on a wall! It will be displayed at the New York Toy Show, Booth #4135.

Putting a unique millennial touch on the old ways of play and the stress of clutter, Oribel reimagined walls. VertiPlay Wall Toys for kids encourage children to stand up and play. They add fun and interactivity to the room decor, while imparting several development benefits. These game-changing toys are put up on walls with a removable sticker so they can be repositioned or removed with ease. They arrived in the US in Aug ’18 and have made their way into thousands of homes.

With the VertiPlay Marble Run, Oribel blurs the line between playing and learning. Kids start by creating a Marble Run on the wall with a few simple ramps that can be assembled easily even by a toddler. Ideal for 4-5-year olds, there are also more challenging extension sets of the game to keep it engaging and fun. There is no limit to the length or complexity of the VertiPlay Marble Run. All a child needs are the additional parts and lots of imagination!

Cindy Goh, Founder and the Engineer behind Oribel said, “Being a mother of two, I have always imagined the kids’ room as a place where you feel the magic and excitement the moment you step in. A playroom that would create a rush of wondrous excitement and frenzied activity when a child sees it. That’s what we are attempting to create with VertiPlay.”

And this is what Oribel hopes to create with VertiPlay Marble Run and all its products.

As a global lifestyle brand that designs premium baby gear and wall toys for kids, Oribel is committed to creating original and smart products for modern parents and children. Founded in 2014, the company’s first product, the PortaPlay Activity Center, redefined the category with its minimal design and becoming the first Activity Center that transformed into a Play Table. Their Cocoon High Chair that transforms from a recliner to sitting-mode is a favourite among fashionable mamas. Headquartered in Singapore, Oribel’s award-winning products sell in 40 countries across the world.