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This New Year #DeclutterWithOribel
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This New Year #DeclutterWithOribel

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In every home, there is a cupboard, a drawer or a box filled with things that were either bought or gifted but still have the tags, the plastic wrapping and the zero utility value intact. There are also multiple things literally or metaphorically labeled ‘one-time use only’ and so we begin an endless replacing spree. And finally, there are the things that were used once important, but are now are only becoming dusty and obsolete.

This basically means we all live cluttered lives, and with cities becoming more crowded, homes becoming more compact, there really is no room for clutter. But with all the options we now have access to, how does anyone say no? How does anyone resist the urge to get “just one more”? We did a little introspection and promised ourselves something. In a New Year’s resolution that you can actually keep, join us in resolving to declutter in 2019 and to show our commitment, we are starting a campaign - #DeclutterWithOribel through which we will share inspiration, tips and more!

As you slowly reduce the unnecessary things in your home and in your life, what remains takes on more meaning. There are more space and more happiness! Saying no to mass-produced objects, unsafe materials, and impractical purchases are better for your family, your home and the planet.

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Here’s how to begin:

donation cardboard box filled with toys

  • Don’t save ‘spring-cleaning’ for just once a year. Plan two annual ‘declutter days’ where you pack up clothes, book, toys, appliances that have been lying around unused for more than a year. Donate it all to old age homes, orphanages and charities. Free up some space in your home and make sure the excess goes to someone in need. A good way to do this is to simply ask yourself, “does this add value to my life?” You’ll be surprised at how quickly you begin decluttering. Even better, vow to get rid of one unnecessary object a day!

siblings baking cookies together

  • If it’s gifting season or there’s a reason to celebrate in your family, set up a practical gift registry. Include only useful things that you are planning to buy in the next one month. Apply the same consideration when you are the one doing the gifting. Don’t get a singing hippo for a child, a book is less noisy, lasts longer and is far more sensible. Don’t buy a one-cup coffee machine for a family of four, no matter how cute it is or how discounted it is. And finally, try your hand at some DIY! Bake a cake, knit a sweater, build a bookshelf. It’s unique, gets the kids involved, and breaks the shopping spree.
  • Avoid buying things that can only be used once, or clearly, give the impression of not lasting very long. Multi-purpose and durable buys are the way to go! This is even more important once you have children because there are so many things they need. Bring back the hand-me-downs culture and preserve clothes and toys for younger children, in your family or in your friend circle. They’re less wasteful and packed with memories! Invest in high chairs and activity centers that grow with them like Cocoon and PortaPlay. Wooden toys like our VertiPlay range can last forever and are actually cheaper than having to replace cheap plastic toys again and again. Bonus, they stick easily to walls and declutter your floor!

toddler playing with vertiplay wall toys

  • Remember that for children, in particular, entertainment comes from anywhere and everywhere so you don’t need to find a new toy or activity for them every day. Babies will play with just about anything you have around the house, from a spoon to a shoebox. As they grow up, it’s a good idea to help them learn to fix things, instead of immediately replacing something broken with a new one. A torn book can just be taped up, if a broken toy can be safely glued together, go for it and try and turn something old into something new. You will find them appreciating things more because of the effort that goes into maintaining them!
  • Do your best to stick to safer materials that are better for you and the planet. Choose solid wooden furniture, wooden toys, recyclable paper, compostable plastic, and cloth bags. We work hard to find new ways to use child-safe, environmentally responsible materials. We source all our wood from renewable forests and non-wood material is always FDA approved material like eco-friendly PLA.

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