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Build Your Own Thematic Marble Run! (Halloween Edition)
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Build Your Own Thematic Marble Run! (Halloween Edition)

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We've finally made it to the festive time of the year! As strange and sometimes terrifying this year has been, we all deserve a little celebration. Like everything else, this year's Halloween is going to be different. You may not feel safe trick-or-treating, or socialising in general. But there's still so much you can do as a family! Decorate the home, buy halloween costumes, take cute photos, and play Halloween themed games! 

Over here, at Oribel we love making thematic Marble Runs with our VertiPlay Marble Run toy, like this 'Fall Edition' Marble Run we built to welcome our favorite season.

Keep the spirit of Halloween alive with
Glow-in-the-Dark Marble Run, Halloween Edition

Would your family love a scary-good craft or two? Do your own DIY Marble Run to spook up your homes. This one looks extra special, when it Glows in the Dark with the help of a simple UV torch worth $7!

Build Your Own Thematic Marble Run with 3 easy steps!

Follow these 3 quick and easy steps and make your Marble Run Haunted House in under 30 minutes.

1. Brainstorm and plan the base of your Halloween Marble Run

Plan how the tracks of your Marble Run will look! These will form the base of your Halloween Marble Run. If you want to start digital, you can create some track some option on our Marble Run Online - Free Play Mode. Take a screenshot on your phone and save them in your gallery for future reference. You can also take ideas from these Marble Run Challenges. Whether you have a huge Marble Run with 6 mats or just 2  or 3, there are plenty of ideas in there!

2. Time to get crafty with your Halloween Marble Run!

This is the most fun part! Design your halloween props. You can print some downloadable props from Pinterest and just cut them out. Or if you want to go full DIY, draw your own spooky house, spiders, bats, a big moon. Anything you like! All you need is paper, scissors and some fluorescent marker pens or neon paint. You can use a lot of white, as it naturally glows under UV light. Don't forget to paint the balls.

Get the family together to ideate and create these props. Arts and Crafts is a great way to bond with your kids, and can bring together the whole family. 

3. Bringing together your Halloween Marble Run!

Putting the props on your Marble Run is a little like decorating your Christmas tree :P We love it! This is the chance to tell your own Halloween Story through the Marble Run. No rules here, you are only limited by your imagination!

Once you're ready, bring out the UV torch. It's the moment of truth.
Lights out and Voila!
VertiPlay STEM Marble Run Halloween
Fluorescent parts of your Marble Run Haunted House "glow" when a high energy light like UV hits them and stop emitting light when there is no more energy to excite them.

Easy, isn't it? Now, it's your turn to have some fun! Share with us your greatest masterpiece on Instagram and tag us at @oribel_vertiplay. We'd love to showcase your creativity to the rest of our community.