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Four simple ways to make fun home classrooms!
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Four simple ways to make fun home classrooms!

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As our children head into a new and slightly daunting school year, many of us are choosing to continue their education from the safety of our homes. And one of the ways to make this easier and more encouraging is to involve your child in making a practical, but fun and beautiful home classroom. The more comfortable and happy the learning environment is, the more open everyone is to this unexpected system of schooling.

A home classroom does not need to be a separate room, or even a large space. It doesn’t need tons of expensive furniture or special decor. We can keep it simple even while channelling our inner Chrissy Teigen!

Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

 So apart from essentials like a desk that helps your child’s posture, water and nourishing snacks nearby and basic stationery, what more can you to do to make it a place that’s as useful as it is fun?

Let your child design it

You’ll find lots of different classroom setup ideas online, but involving children in the creation and decision-making is important. What are your child’s favourite colours? Get pens and pencils, or stickers with fun messages in those colours. Place a few favourite books on the table or on a small shelf, for reading time. Ask them to make their own sign like ‘Anna’s School’ and stick it up where they can see it.


Use your child’s room

Particularly useful if you’re short on space or can’t have a dedicated room for home schooling. Your child’s room, already full of personal touches, is the perfect spot to create a small ‘classroom’. All you need are a collapsible desk, a sturdy chair, maybe a bulletin board to pin artwork and hook small objects onto! It’s minimalistic, doesn’t clutter up the rest of your house and most important, it’s a space your child is already familiar with.

Don’t forget the walls

Bring some colour into the study space with fun wallpaper or drawings your child has made. Simple wall shelves to hold school supplies and books, or a whiteboard for scribbles and doodles go a long way. To save space, wall desks are always a good idea. For toddlers, our VertiPlay Wall Toys are a great, interactive ‘learn and play’ tool. For older children, the VertiPlay Marble Run which also sticks easily to walls, is a popular and effective way to learn STEM skills. It helps that this entire range is colourful and adds to the decor in a contemporary way!

Make the most of DIY

Use what you have, or buy inexpensive materials to also make a great home classroom. You don’t need a huge space or endless shopping trips as long as you get a little creative! Like Angelina Harper’s now-viral solution for three kids to sit together at the table but have their own space, just using uniquely decorated display boards to create partitions. Create a DIY peg board to hang or stick things on. Paint old shoe boxes to hold supplies and books.  The possibilities are endless!

What are some other ways to create a fun home classroom? How are you and your child setting up this space? Tag us on Instagram, we’d love to see! And at the end of the day, however restrained or enthusiastic you choose to be with this home classroom, we hope it’s a safe and happy new school year!