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Introducing PortaPlay Stage-based Activity Center - Monsterland Adventures
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Introducing PortaPlay Stage-based Activity Center - Monsterland Adventures

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Did you know, in the first year of baby's life, their brain double in size?

As parents it is overwhelming to keep up with all the things that are changing in the first year. It's common and natural to second-guess ourselves. Worrying if we are doing enough for their healthy growth or if we are putting too much pressure on them and ourselves.

We made this Stage-based PortaPlay to ease off those worries!

Introducing First ever Baby Activity Center with Stage-Based toys!

That means, 2 sets of toys which can be swapped around as your baby grows. And just like the Original PortaPlay, it has a stylish design and can be used for a long time, going from Activity Center to Play Table easily. 

To help you make a decision, we put down 5 key reasons that make this Stage-based PortaPlay the best Baby Activity Center out there: 


1. Two sets of Stage-based Age-Appropriate toys

Unlike other exersaucers out there, our new PortaPlay supports your baby's holistic development at two specific yet distinct phases (5 to 8 months and 8 to 12 months). We understand that the needs of a 6-month old are different from those of a 10-month, so why should the toys of Activity Center remain the same?

2. So much learning and even more FUN!

There's tonnes of learning and even more fun packed in every stage-based toy of our new PortaPlay! For instance, this Stage-2 toy 'Pushey Pulley' encourages babies to push and pull the cloth-monsters. It builds their motor skills for sure, but the pushing and pulling also challenges baby to anticipate which cloth monster will get sucked in.

Different fabrics and texture on the base provide tactile stimulation to their little fingers. It's also great for mouthing, so of course we have made the monsters machine-washable!

Read more about all the different toys of PortaPlay Stage-based Activity Center here.

3. Long-lasting and Timeless!

The PortaPlay , like all Oribel products, is multifunctional. After being baby's playtime companion in their first year, it transforms into a Play table! No additional parts needed and just cover the gaps of toys with plugs and insert the flat table-insert. Voila! A play beautiful play table that can be used until 5 years.

4. Not just toys, table grows with baby too

Not only does it stimulate her brain development, our PortaPlay supports your baby's physical needs with its 4-level height adjustment. 

We recommend your baby to be on tippy toes while in the Activity Center. When she has grown taller with limited room for bouncing, it’s time to raise the Activity Center one level higher.

5. Modern and Compact

The color of PortaPlay is meant to blend perfectly with a modern home. Aesthetically pleasing and minimal, like Oribel products! Adorable, friendly monsters provide the right-level of visual stimulation and are guaranteed to bring giggles. The PortaPlay is intentionally gender-neutral, as every toy in 2020 should be!

Worried about it taking space in your compact home? We get it! With a push of a button, you can easily snap the legs and store your PortaPlay away. 


6. Made with the BEST materials

PortaPlay is designed to be child safe and made of the highest quality materials. Like all Oribel products it meets and exceed the ASTM and EN standards.

All mouthable parts of this Portaplay are made with food grade silicon so your baby is never chewing on hard plastic. All fabric used in toys or seat are machine washable! 

Like the rest of the PortaPlay range, it is a safe way for your baby to have some independent play time (giving you a much-needed break!) and when converted to its activity table form, it can be used up till your child is five years old, making it a great long-term investment. 

Get your PortaPlay today! Click HERE!

Watch the full video of this PortaPlay Stage-based Activity Center below.