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PortaPlay, the #1 Activity Center in the UK
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PortaPlay, the #1 Activity Center in the UK

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'MadeForMums Toy Awards' take toys very seriously! So when they wanted to declare their annual list of best toys, they went all out to search for the best toys and then got them reviewed extensively.

They tell us, "It's taken over 500 child judges, 8 weeks of home-testing, 14 celebrity judges, a shortlisting marathon – and a mountain of batteries – but we've finally got there! We're thrilled to announce the toys that have won our MadeForMums Toy Awards 2018."

And to our delight, Oribel PortaPlay Activity Center won the GOLD! It was announced #1 in the Best Activity Centers and Jumpers category.

They went on to explain what made PortaPlay the winner:

"Why MadeForMums love it: This a great investment that could last you and your child 4 or 5 years. The activity toys are lovely – and we particularly like how well it folds up and how nicely it converts into a classy little table

What their child testers made of it:

  • 'It’s very well made – and the colours are bright but not garish. The toys are perfect: the bead maze and mirror are Alfie’s favourites.' Honey, mum to Alfie, 8 months
  • 'Fantastic play centre for babies and toddlers alike. Madeleine loves the toys and it's brilliant that it converts into a play table – something my older children took advantage of!' Michelle, mum to Madeleine, 11 months"

Oribel's PortaPlay Activity Center awarded number 1 in UK

We are excited to see the PortaPlay being appreciated by parents and babies alike! We know there are a lot of other great products in the market and choosing the right Activity Center/ Jumper for your baby is not an easy decision. So, we have gone ahead and compared the leading Baby Activity Centers in the market. Please read this article for a better understanding of their features and we hope you make an informed decision :)

comparison between Oribel and Skip Hop activity centers


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