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Keeping your home's minimal style, post baby
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Keeping your home's minimal style, post baby

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We know what you’re thinking. The words ‘baby’ and ‘minimal’ in one sentence, really? Babies bring with them a ton of joy, laughter and memories. But they also mean an overflow of toys, clothes, diapers, bottles, towels and anything else you can think of. And you’ll wonder, how can something so tiny possibly need so many things? Where are you going to keep it all? Is your home suddenly going to look like one big playpen from now till eternity?

You’ll wake up one morning and find that where there was once calm and classy decor, there’s now something loud and pink. It squeaks! It rolls! It flashes different colours! And before you know it, you’re headed down a neon rollercoaster of things you never thought you would buy.

But before you hit that panic button, we have a strategy for you! It is possible to retain your current aesthetic and clutter-free life, we promise. Shift your focus from just your baby’s needs to how to fulfil those needs with practical, multi-purpose and beautiful things. And you’ll find that original, understated, pre-baby feel is not that hard to maintain.

We put together a few ideas that we hope will help you prepare your home stylishly for the new arrival!


Colour is possibly most important when you’re setting up the nursery because you and your baby will spend the most time in there! Do it up so that it’s your space as much as the baby’s and becomes a little haven for you.

Irina reading a book to her sons on her lap and in Oribel's PortaPlay

Bright colours and patterns no longer need to flood entire rooms. Embrace the colour phenomenon of pastels and monochromes like white and creams. They are a blank canvas and have a calming effect on the mood too. Whether on walls, shelves, drapes, furniture or even baby gear, this colour scheme doesn’t take over the entire room and lets you customise the rest of it as you like. 

In fact, we’re especially partial to walls painted in neutral, soothing colours because our VertiPlay toys are perfect for them! With just enough brightness to thrill your child, they double up as cute wall decor (even outside of the nursery!) and don’t join the usual clutter of toys on the floor.


Your baby’s things are going to be everywhere before you know it. There is inevitable clutter and disruption of an otherwise neat, minimal home. So try multi-purpose storage to save room and open up a world of options in design. An upholstered storage bench for example, in a colour and style that goes with your living room. Voila, colourful, squeaky toys on the inside, classy and comfortable seating on the outside.beige upholstered storage bench to declutter the house and store toys

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Intricately woven wicker baskets and linen-covered cardboard boxes look great and can hold all those baby knick-knacks that usually wind up in odd places. Less ‘kiddy’ toys can be kept in the living room too. Imagine small, painted wooden blocks in a corner of your bookshelf!

Vertical storage is also the way to go these days especially in smaller homes. Think wall shelving, hooks to hang laundry bags and clothes, even a cute hammock for stuffed toys! All of it helps in keeping your spaces neat and clutter-free, almost like pre-baby days. 


Big, bulky baby cribs, closets and high chairs make your home look unnecessarily crowded. There are now many options available for thoughtful, contemporary designs that don’t become an eyesore. Many of them work beautifully in the nursery, as well as anywhere else in your home. Like futurisitc, pod-like cribs in polished wood, boat-like cradles, and compact changing tables.

But when it comes to high chairs, we love our Cocoon High Chair. Of course, we could be biased but this is a proven favourite with parents! It is sleek, stylish and so unlike traditional high chairs. From pistachio green to slate, we’re sure you’ll find it in an understated colour best suited to your home. In a contemporary design that includes a versatile food tray, it’s easy to fold and put away too. You’ll never get tired of looking at it!


Whether you’re thinking of curtains, upholstery, rugs, bedding or even smaller things like mats and tablecloths, first make sure they’re all easily washable. So that any sudden baby spills or messes don’t become a cause for stress!

Choose colours that complement your home and as far as possible, fabrics that are light and breezy. This is particularly important for your baby’s bedding which should be in soft, breathable cotton. Multiple fitted sheets for the crib are also a good investment.

white cot in baby's room

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Also try including a heavy curtain or a blackout liner to dim natural light in the nursery for nap time. Keep floor rugs to a minimum to reduce the chance of slipping while you run around tending to your baby! Go for cushions with comfortable covers rather than just the pretty-looking ones, particularly in the armchairs and rocking chairs for feeding time.

Do go through our extensive range of products for more beautifully designed baby toys and gear that effortlessly complement your home. And of course, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how you kept your home’s aesthetic the way you like it, even after a baby.