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Malaysia, get ready for Oribel!
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Malaysia, get ready for Oribel!

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We’re thrilled to announce that Singapore’s favourite kids’ brand is now shipping to Malaysia! You can look forward to some incredible toys, high chairs and learning tools for your children. 

Oribel was born, raised and perfected in Singapore, from the very first design of each product to the final beautiful result. It’s no wonder then, that Singapore’s parents and children love our creations so much and we can’t wait till everyone in Malaysia experiences them too.

Created especially for contemporary families and homes, we use sophisticated technology, smart design and work with hundreds of prototypes till we’re satisfied our products can make you as happy as they make your child.

Like our stylish Cocoon high chairs that are so comfortable, your child will want to spend all day in them! They are completely adjustable for the height and reclining angle that is most comfortable, from infant to toddler stages. The chair comes with a unique food and cup holder as well as a tray for when your child starts eating on his or her own. All of it is super easy to clean up and totally fuss-free. The chair is foldable and the food tray itself is magnetic so it can be easily stowed away with the chair. Parents also love the way Cocoon chairs are designed because they complement the decor of your home in a minimalistic, modern way!

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smiling baby wearing a pink bow and sitting in Oribel's Cocoon - Rose Meringue

baby sitting in Oribel's Cocoon - Pistachio Macaron during meal time

In everything we make, we also do our best to bring alive the incredible imagination of children and let all of those worlds spill out and become even more vibrant. Take for instance, our PortaPlay range that comes in the form of detachable, foldable and portable activity centres. Each has its own little world to be discovered, from woodland creatures to a cute, customisable wooden home to the magic of Alice in Wonderland. As your child grows, the PortaPlay changes from being a sit-and-play activity centre to a table to stand at and invent new games. Fold them up and take them along even on your travels for some on-the-go-fun!

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Siblings sitting on PortaPlay stools and playing with the House of Fun happily 

Then there’s our exciting VertiPlay range of wall toys, inspired by fairy tale characters, classic nursery rhymes and timeless stories. They entertain children for hours and let them experience new and exciting ways to play. They can sing, dance and recite tales, making up their own stories along the way.  As parents, we also know you’ll love the fact that these toys are meant to be stuck on walls, reducing floor-clutter and the need to keep cleaning up!

little girl in plaid dress playing with VertiPlay - Old MacDonald

The PortaPlay and VertiPlay toys aren’t just fun to play with, they also help develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination and lay the foundation for imaginative, creative minds.

Whichever Oribel product becomes a part of your home, each of them is certified child-safe and made with materials that are better for the planet. They are durable, sturdy and we make sure they fit into your life easily.

Once again, we’re excited about bringing Oribel to Malaysia!