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Reimagine walls with VertiPlay!
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Reimagine walls with VertiPlay!

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We have a little magic trick to show you. Close your eyes.

First, picture your toddler’s room right after playtime. Not the neat, pristine little haven you had dreamt it would be, but the not-so-magical reality. Toys EVERYWHERE! Toys that are just waiting to be tripped on, that take hours to clear up and put away, and as soon as you turn your back, there they are again.

So here’s what we conjured up. We moved the play area up onto the walls! All of a sudden, the room looks less cluttered and you can actually see the floor. There’s something colourful on the walls now, something that doesn’t just look good, but is smart, interactive and opens up a whole new world of play. 

We call this little trick VertiPlay. Inspired by bright, colourful characters and all that unused wall space in today’s contemporary, compact homes.

This range of vertical toys is meant to stay stuck to a wall, so that you don’t have to bother about clearing them up. Each toy is designed to be highly tactile so little toddler hands can play around with the pieces and watch the characters and stories come to life. They help develop fine and visual motor skills, stimulate cognitive development and most important, create lots of joy.

 VertiPlay toys are fun and imaginative in the form of games, puzzles and make believe adventures!

A musical ‘train track’ doubles up as a xylophone when tapped.

A cheery bear drives an engine that puffs out smoke as the wheels are turned.

 An enchanted garden comes with magnetic characters to build your very own magical land.

A busy little woodpecker creates a great sound-action experience as he ‘pecks’ the tree.

Whimsical woodland characters take off on a delightful treetop adventure.

A tiger, a frog and a hedgehog make cute door knockers to be pressed, tapped and drummed on.

And finally, the tales of Jack and Jill, Old McDonald, Incy Wincy Spider, Jack & the Beanstalk, all brought alive in a modern avatar!

With VertiPlay, the possibilities are endless. We promise a long, amusing, clutter-free playtime!

And you can finally tell your child, “walls are meant to be played on!”