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The advantages of wooden toys over plastic toys
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The advantages of wooden toys over plastic toys

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With so many different toys to choose from, as parents we get overwhelmed when trying to decide what to buy for our kids. Ideally, the toy should be safe, affordable and durable, not to mention have some role in developing mental and physical skills. While plastic toys are varied and easily available, wooden toys are often overlooked. They actually have lots of benefits and easily compare to the bright, interactive plastic toys out there. Here are six reasons to choose wooden toys!


Encourages Imaginative play

One of the primary advantages that wooden toys have is that they require a child to use their own imagination to play. Play in the beginning stages of a child is crucial for their development and growth. In today’s day in age, there are an infinite number of toys to choose from that can interact with your child. However, studies show that imaginative play is CRUCIAL for a child’s cognitive ability. Wooden toys do not have electronic parts or voice commands that will instruct your child on what to do. Thus, allowing your child to use their reasoning skills as to which activities they see fit. Role-play and imaginative play will also stimulate different types of intelligence like emotional, thinking, and social skills. Some of the classic wooden toys, like puzzles and building blocks,  help children with numeracy, motor skills and problem solving. Children also begin to exercise their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination with wooden toys instead of simply pressing buttons and watching.


Environmentally Friendly

Do you want to play your part in saving our environment? Generally speaking, wooden toys are environmentally more friendly than plastic due to its biodegradable nature and its ability to be recycled. Instead of filling the landfills with man-made products, you can buy toys for your child that will give back to the environment. Each time you give your child a wooden toy, you are playing your part in saving our planet and as a result,passing down these values to your child. As an organic, renewable, and sustainable sourced product , of course, wooden toys are  a much more environmentally friendly option than plastic.



A mother’s primary concern for their child is safety.  Wood is indeed a safer alternative to plastic or metal since children tend to stick everything in their mouth.It is unfortunate that plastic toys, especially the cheaply made ones, can break easily, potentially leaving sharp edges and small parts that may cause harm to your child. Therefore, if you are worried about the safety of your child each time they play with their toys, it is a better option for you to give them high-quality wooden toys. Wood, sturdy by comparison, offers less risk in this way. Not only are wooden toys safer , but they benefit your child’s health and well being.


Durability and Longevity

Lets face it: Kids aren’t exactly gentle when it comes to playing with toys. While plastic is  somewhat durable, the dyes and stickers used in many plastic toys often become faded or torn. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are extremely durable and can be refinished or repainted to look like new. This makes them environmentally friendly and can more than make up for the slightly higher  cost. Wood does not break down,  shatter, and can last a long time. Because of this, wooden toys have a long life span and can be passed on to younger siblings, relatives, or friends. Thus, you will certainly get good value and life out of these excellent toys.


Wooden toys are cheaper

Yes, you read that right. While the upfront cost is larger than plastic toys, the lifespan of a wooden toy is significantly larger than that of a plastic one. Instead of having to keep buying the same plastic toy because it breaks easily or keep buying new batteries, a wooden toy can survive decades long! This means you can pass down toys and reuse them, saving you money in the long run. In addition, toys without batteries and electric components are much easier and cheaper to maintain. While the short run cost is larger, the long run cost will save you a large chunk of your pocket. 

Timeless look and feel

Children love to experience different weights and textures. Plastic doesn’t give off the same feeling and sensory experience to a child as a wooden toy does. There is a certain sensation that comes with rubbing your hands over a well-crafted wooden object and kids know this better than anyone.  On top of this feeling, there is a timeless element that wooden toys add to a room. This modern look and simplicity adds perfect decor to any room.

 In conclusion:

Wooden toys are more sustainable, kinder to the environment, and healthier for children developmentally and physically due to the high levels of toxic chemicals involved in manufacturing plastic toys. Wooden toys aren’t ridiculously expensive either so it’s something we can all afford. This isn’t to say all plastic toys are bad. Plastic toys can still have their place in the  toy box; however it’s a good idea to evaluate toys for durability and educational value before purchasing.