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The Oribel Cocoon modern high chair in Pistachio Merengue. A perfect fit for modern nurseries.
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4 Simple Ideas to Design the Perfect Clutter-Free Nursery

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Ask any veteran mom to pick two words that don’t go well together in the same sentence, and she’d probably pick “baby” and “minimalist”. Babies bring with them a ton of joy, laughter and memories. But they also mean an overflow of toys, clothes, diapers, bottles, towels and everything else you can think of. You’ll wonder: how can something so tiny possibly need so many things? Where are you going to keep it all? Is your home suddenly going to look like one big playpen from now till baby heads off to college?

You’ll wake up one morning to find that a loud and nauseatingly-pink plastic monstrosity lies where your designer driftwood coffee table once did. It squeaks! It sings! It won’t stop telling you what sounds various farm animals make! Before you know it, you’ll be headed down a neon roller-coaster of stuffed animals, plastic instruments, and whatever the heck a “learning box” is.

messy toys cluttering on the floor

Didn’t we use to have a bar up here?

But before you hit that panic button, we have a game-plan for you! It is possible to retain your current aesthetic and clutter-free life, we promise. Shift your focus from just your baby’s needs to how to fulfill those needs with practical, multi-purpose and beautiful things, and you’ll find that your original, aesthetic, pre-baby décor may not have gone as far away as you thought.

We’ve put together a few nursery décor ideas that will help you prepare an insta-worthy nursery for your family’s latest arrival!


Color is super-important when you’re setting up a nursery because you and your baby will be spending a lot of time in there! Do it up so that it becomes your own little haven as much as it does your baby’s.

No need to flood entire rooms with bright colors and gaudy patterns. Embrace colors like pastels, monochromes, whites, and creams. They are blank canvases and have calming effects on the mood too. Whether on walls, shelves, drapes, furniture or even baby gear, such color schemes don't overwhelm the entire room and lets you customize the rest of it to your liking. Think daffodil yellow walls, a white crib, and small but boldly colored accessories to give the room a splash of color!

If patterns are your thing, keep it simple with black and white. Patterns can provide valuable simulation for your little one’s vision development; to give them a helping hand, opt for a pattern with highly contrasting colors. Infants usually notice high-contrast patterns easier because their developing eyes are still getting used to this whole “seeing” thing.

grey minimalistic baby room with cot

A light touch of patterns and bold colors give this chic nursery character without being overwhelming. - www.worldivided.com

In fact, we’re especially partial to walls painted in neutral, soothing colors because our VertiPlay toys are perfect for them! With just enough brightness to thrill your child, they double up as cute wall decor (even outside of the nursery!) and don’t join the usual clutter of toys on the floor.

Oribel VertiPlay wooden wall toys spice up any nursery or play room and don't clutter floors!

Tell me with a straight face that you wouldn’t want to play here. 


Your baby’s things are going to be everywhere before you know it! Consider buying a multi-purpose storage solution to save space while adding functionality to a room. An upholstered storage bench like the one pictured below is a great example. Find one in a color and style that goes with your room and voila! Colorful squeaky toy container on the inside, classy and comfortable seating on the outside.

cloth storage bench to keep children's toys

Shh. Nobody has to know that you just throw everything in here at the end of the day. - Pinterest 

Wicker baskets and linen-covered cardboard boxes look great and can hold all those baby trinkets that usually wind up in odd places. Less overtly ‘kiddy’ toys can be kept in the living room too. Knick-knacks like small painted (tastefully, of course) wooden blocks can look great on a bookshelf!

fabric-wrapped cardboard boxes that keep baby trinkets

Fabric-wrapped cardboard boxes are an easy and cost-effective way to add textures to a room! Check out namelyoriginal’s DIY project here! 

This wouldn’t be an interior design article in 2018 without mentioning vertical space. Think wall shelving, hooks to hang laundry bags and clothes, maybe even a cute mini-hammock for stuffed toys! Use every inch of ceiling and wall space available to help keep your house neat and clutter-free. And maybe, just maybe, your house might start looking like it did in your pre-baby days.

vertical wall shelves with towels hanging and keeping the house clutter-free
Two words, baby. Vertical. Space.


Big, bulky baby cribs, closets and high chairs make your home look unnecessarily crowded. There are now many options available in thoughtful, contemporary designs that don’t become an eyesore. Many of them work beautifully in the nursery, as well as anywhere else in your home. For added longevity, consider getting a crib that can be converted into a bed when your infant outgrows the rails.


When it comes to high chairs, we love our Cocoon High Chair. Of course, we might sound biased but it’s is a proven favorite with parents! It is sleek, stylish and so unlike traditional high chairs. From pistachio macaron green to slate gray, we’re sure that you’ll find it in a color that suits your home décor. In a contemporary design that includes a huge (and dishwasher safe) food tray, it’s easy to fold and put away too. But with all the compliments you’ll be getting, why would you want to?

The Oribel Cocoon modern high chair is the perfect compliment to any modern home.

Designed for modern compact homes, our multi-functional Cocoon high chair can be used from an infant recliner in the nursery, to a seat at the dinner table, and everything in between.


Whether you’re thinking of curtains, upholstery, rugs, bedding or even smaller things like mats and tablecloths, first make sure they’re all easily washable. So that any sudden baby spills or messes don’t become a cause for stress! Keep in mind that curtains and rugs often collect dust and pet hair very easily too.

Choose colors that complement your home, and fabrics that are light and breezy. This is particularly important for your baby’s bedding which should be made of soft, breathable cotton. Multiple fitted sheets for the crib are also a good investment.

When in doubt, the easy way out is to match anything to the drapes. You can basically never go wrong! - www.dolcenovitanj.com

Also try including a heavy curtain or a blackout liner to dim natural light in the nursery for nap time. Keep floor rugs to a minimum to reduce the chance of slipping while you run around tending to your baby! Opt for cushions with comfortable covers rather than just the pretty-looking ones, particularly in the armchairs and rocking chairs for feeding time.

Everybody warned you about the tolls raising a child would have on your mind and body. But nobody warned you about the toll it would take on your house! Here at Oribel, our extensive range of nursery décor products contain beautifully designed baby toys and gear that effortlessly complement your home and deliver great value in every purchase. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you kept your home’s post-natal aesthetic the way you liked it. Is there anything you'd add to this list? How do you keep your little's belongings from taking over the house? Let us know in the comment section below!

 Modern designs for modern families. Check out our range of baby gear and accessories at www.loveoribel.com