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Stores FLAT easily!

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Many exersaucers and jumpers are big eyesores, consume so much floor space and make too much noise! This one is none of those! The Oribel is well made and has high quality toys that each serve a purpose in helping my baby meet important milestones. He is 4 mos. old and on the short side, but was easily able to reach the floor to jump, swivel around and reach all the toys. As he gets taller, I can simply adjust the legs. You don't need any batteries for this, because none of the toys make music or have lights. I already had a small toy with lights and sounds and just clipped it on to this jumper. This stores FLAT easily and it is so easy to transport. It is small and does not take up a whole room, you barely know it's there! My baby is happy and really enjoys it! Best of all, it will turn into a table, so it is not just another baby item that's expensive that you will only use for a couple months. Buy it before it sells out!

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