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Best high chair hands down!

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This is the best high chair, hands down! My son suffers from an acid reflux which causes him to throw up constantly. I quickly became frustrated with the fabric high chair I first owned because clean ups were a nightmare! I live in a city apartment with no washer/dryer in my unit. I was constantly hand washing and drying, not to mention scrubbing parts that were not removable. I couldn’t take it anymore. I searched for high chairs with easy clean up and stow away and eventually came across this beauty.

The Oribel Cocoon High Chair has a foam pad, clip on/off tray and minimal crevices. This means WIPE DOWN CLEANING! No scrubbing, no washing, no hanging to dry. What’s even better is that when I need to do a deeper clean, ALL PARTS ARE REMOVABLE! I can take the seat out and the straps to wipe down the interior. The design of this high chair is truly genius! The creators kept moms in mind with this easy to clean design. I can not reiterate enough how this has changed my life.

Another awesome thing about this high chair is that it grows with your child. My son is a toddler, but his sister is an infant. I place her in this beauty for her feedings as well. I just adjust the height, remove the tray and place the single cup holder, and voila! When I’m done with the high chair all I have to do it hold down the levers at the back for a smooth close and place it in its hideaway spot in my small apartment.

This is a sturdy, reliable, easy to clean high chair that I strongly recommend for moms who want cleaning easy and to stow away to make more space especially in smaller living units.

Thank you Oribel! Bravo!

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