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We were overwhelmed with your response when we rooted for Rebel Girls on International Women's Day in 2019 and 2021! So...we're bringing back #RebelMoms this year!

After all, in every little Rebel Girl’s life, her mother is her first and most important role model! 

If you know a Rebel Mom in your life, nominate her below and you both stand a chance to win a copy of the 2nd Rebel Girls book, Good Night Stories For Rebel GIRLS VOLUME 2!*

*Giveaway only open to participants residing in Australia, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States of America. 

But first, what is a Rebel Mom?

To us, a Rebel Mom is confident of all her choices, conventional or not. Motherhood is hard, full of big and small decisions and unasked for opinions. To do what you think is right, to trust your instincts takes a lot of courage. That’s a true rebel! 

From homeschooling or traditional schooling, going against gender-specific pinks and blues, choosing to be a working mom or not, the list goes on. You may not do things the way other moms do and that’s ok because in watching you become independent and confident, the little girl you’re doing this for is growing up the same way. And after all, that’s how Rebel Girls are born. That’s what we want to celebrate.  

And because being a mother is an endless balancing act, the best way to rebel is not to do it all yourself! Ask for help, be vocal about the not so sunshine-y days, break gender barriers within your home, don’t be afraid to want more than motherhood. So you raise your daughter to know that she can be whoever and whatever she wants and her opinions matter. 

So, to all the Rebel Moms out there, thank you for raising a generation of Rebel Girls. A very happy Women’s Day to all of you! 

For Her For Him For All

Our aim is to empower all - moms and dads, little girls and little boys, to be inspired to create a world that is truly equal for all. We believe that gender should not define the toys children get, but to ensure that children play and learn the right way - by making fun, educational creations for them.