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Learn and play with Wall Toys for toddlers!
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Learn and play with Wall Toys for toddlers!

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By now you know that our VertiPlay Wall Toys are all kinds of awesome! They’re colourful, have that nostalgic feel of wooden toys, bring alive so many characters and fairy tales, and stick so easily to vertical surfaces. Basically, there’s a whole wall of opportunity open to you!

Walls toys are particularly great for toddlers as their little minds and bodies grow. As they play with the toys, different skills develop and they begin to learn new concepts as well. Choose a combination of them, stick them onto your wall and watch the little hands stretch out towards a whole new form of learn and play! Here are the various benefits of wall toys for toddlers.

1. Helps them grasp the Cause & Effect relationship:

To help toddlers understand the fact that every action has a reaction, the concept of ‘cause and effect’ is naturally built into our wall toys. So when they give Jack a gentle push and he tumbles down, rolls into Jill and then they both roll down the hill, the concept comes alive. This ‘one thing leads to another’ idea is evident in the little train driven by Mr Bear too! As your child moves the gears, the wheels move round and round. And we’re pretty sure the unintentional reaction to this will be “Choo Choo!”

2. Develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

The wooden pieces and blocks in the VertiPlay wall toys are all designed to be easy for little fingers to handle, while improving hand-eye coordination. Picking them up, pushing them, sliding them, it all goes a long way. The toy inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk has a two-sided block, one with Jack’s face on it, and the other with the giant’s face. As your child grasps this, flips it around, slides it up and down to help Jack run from the giant, there’s so much fun and learning happening all at once! It’s the same with the Woody Woodpecker where your child can tap the woodpecker’s beak, spin the wheels and yes, make a bit of noise!

3. Encourages imagination and storytelling skills

The most exciting thing about the VertiPlay wall toys is that they are all inspired by popular nursery rhymes, timeless fairy tales and lots of cute characters. They bring out your child’s imagination and teach them storytelling skills. With the Slidey Spidey toy, as the spider slides down, down, down, your child can sing the Incy Wincy Spider song while playing. The Old McDonald toy is also great for singing and story telling! The Enchanted Garden toy comes with 27 magnetic birds, animals and plants that your child can arrange in any which way to create his or her very own terrarium! Each one will tell a different story depending on your child sees the world and the possibilities are endless.

4. Promotes ‘stand and play’

Since they are stuck on walls and vertical surfaces, these wall toys are great for making sure your child moves around while playing and isn’t sitting for too long, particularly in the toddler and early-walking stages. Each toy makes them get up, stretch, reach and move, which is good for posture and develops gross motor skills. Decorate a whole wall with VertiPlay toys and your child will be running around all day!

Do you have any VertiPlay wall toys for your toddler? We’d love to hear the favourites and how you think they’ve helped your child learn and play. Leave a comment below!