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Why wooden toys are the best toys!

Why wooden toys are the best toys!


Every time you think of buying a new toy for your child or even a gift for a friend’s child, making a decision gets harder and harder. The options are endless, each one looking better than the previous one and leaving you wondering which way to go. After all, most of us like to buy toys that are safe, educational, easy to use and entertaining. In bright packaging, attractive deals and all sorts of shapes and sizes, every toy seems to offer all of this and more.

But before mass-produced plastic toys took over the world, there have always been wooden toys of various kinds, from blocks to toy cars. They’re now gaining a second wave of popularity because they have a unique set of advantages.

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They are better for the imagination: Most modern toys sing, dance, light up and do all kinds of things without leaving much scope for pretend play. With wooden toys, the ‘special effects’ are limited because of the very nature of wood. Instead, they’re often brightly colored and cut into fun shapes, but the rest is left to your child’s imagination. They open up a world where a child can sing along, make noises and bring mental images to life without any help from the toy.

We kept this in mind while designing our VertiPlay wall toys. They are meant to help your child recite nursery rhymes, turn into fairy tale characters, narrate dialogue, imitate birds and animals, become a choo-choo train, and experience so many new worlds.

Leia & Lauren playing with Oribel's VertiPlay Wall Toys

They help with fine motor skills: Wooden toys have a natural texture that little hands like to feel, stimulating the brain and providing much-needed sensory experiences. The bumps, corners, rounded edges, smoothness and roughness of wood all help with improving grip and other fine motor skills. Whether it’s just a simple block or an elaborately carved animal, there is always something to be fascinated by. Our VertiPlay toys have wooden characters and parts that can be moved around especially for this purpose like the wheels of a train, the tumbling Jack and Jill, a busy little woodpecker and so much more!

girl toddler in pink dress playing with VertiPlay Wall Toy: Old MacDonald

They are safer: Without the chemicals, artificial colors and above all, plastic that goes into most toys, our world would be so much nicer! While we use eco-friendly, certified child-safe materials in everything we make, there is no denying that wood is the most natural material possible. Wooden toys like VertiPlay are better for your kids and the environment too when sourced sustainably from renewable forests. And, it brings your child a little closer to nature and its wonderful variety!

They are sturdy: Wooden toys won’t break in half at the first sign of enthusiastic play. They can last years and years with just a little care to keep them clean. In fact, the VertiPlay toys stay stuck to walls so there are even lesser chances of them getting damaged. What better way to avoid tears while playing than a toy that always remains whole? And as an added bonus, it’s always nice to not have to rush out and keep buying replacement toys!

They become part of the family tradition: Your child’s universe changes rapidly day to day and as technology booms with all kinds of entertainment, it’s nice to keep them rooted in a playtime tradition with wooden toys that grow older with your family. There is a beauty to them that may be appreciated only as an adult, but the good news is, the toy lives on till that happens!

So, this festive season, think about what kind of toy you’d like to gift your child or someone else’s child. Think about giving them a meaningful toy packed with benefits and joy!

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