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Oribel is going green and you can too!
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Oribel is going green and you can too!

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We always put in extra effort to ensure that our products are not only great for your kids, but also great for the planet. With eco-friendly materials and sourcing from renewable forests, the things we make are thoughtfully created.

And we’re pleased to announce that the same principle will now be visible in our packaging for Cocoon and PortaPlay. We are moving towards more sustainable packaging in support of recent efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process in China, especially that of packaging material.

In our new cardboard boxes, we have done away with lamination, therefore reducing plastic usage as well as avoided excessive chemicals in the form of colour printing. Our packaging still looks great and continues to include all the important information and facts that are useful to you.
There is something you can do to help us with this effort: reuse our boxes! Cardboard is flexible, sturdier than it looks and very versatile. Here are some ideas of how you can stretch the boxes beyond single-use packaging:

Stylish storage! Get your kids involved and paint the boxes in lively colours and use them to hold their toys, clothes, shoes and pretty much anything else. Stack them up for more compact storage and to create a bright corner in a room!

Photo: brit.co

Make a maze! Open up the boxes and arrange them in a maze for your children to find their way through. Get them excited about it by drawing fun patterns on the sides and keep changing the arrangement to create new mazes. Plus, they’ll fold up and stack easily when you want to take it down!

Photo: madebywolf.com

Turn them into wall decor! Cut up the cardboard panels into whatever size you like and stick photographs on them, your child’s doodles, colourful paper or even give them to your kids to use as blank canvases. They make cute, versatile decor!

          Photo: spunkyjunky.blog spot.com

Create a fort! Cardboard boxes make great ‘walls’ for a fort that kids will absolutely love, or even a playpen for the littler ones. If you have pets, they can join in too! Simply unfold the boxes and maybe even paint windows and towers on them for extra fun!

Photo: Babich Alexander/Shutterstock

There are limitless possibilities and no matter which one you pick, you’re helping us be more environmentally conscious. If you have ideas on how to reuse cardboard boxes, we’d love to hear them or see them on social #LoveOribel

Thank you for supporting us on this eco-friendly journey!