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Top 5 Unique Gift Ideas for Kids in 2019
· · 1 comment

Top 5 Unique Gift Ideas for Kids in 2019

· · 1 comment

Buying a Unique Gifts for gift for toddlers who have more than enough ‘stuff’ is hard but being a mom of two, I find myself looking for gifts every month. Some friends are special and a Gift Card just doesn’t feel special enough. A couple of years ago, I started putting in extra thought to find presents unique to the personalities of kids. After a few times of trial and error, this is now pretty much the norm in our family … and I can assure you it's rewarding to both giver and receiver.

So here are my top 5 Unique Gifts for kids that will be appreciated by parents and their toddlers:

Gift unique Experiences

Gifting experiences is one of the best gifts you think you can give a child. Whether it's tickets to a museum, waterpark, play, a week at a summer camp or a membership to a children's museum or zoo, experience gifts bring memories that last a lifetime. And you know parents will appreciate this as much as the kids because you are essentially giving them a fun family day out!

Unique wooden Wall toys

The sight of toys cluttered all over the kids' room or worse the house annoys me so much. As much as I love my kids, I don’t believe there any excuse to always have toys strewn around the house. That’s why I love the VertiPlay Wall Toy, they can easily stick to the walls (and removed!). Not only do they not-clutter the floor, they actually add to my kids' room décor.

My favourites wooden toys from Vertiplay are door knocker toy, old macdonald farm toy and the tree top adventure activity toy.

They are made with renewable wood, another thing very important to me. Most of my friends and I have started avoiding plastic toys as much as possible.

Gift a unique Skill

Painting class, Ballet lessons, Swim lessons, music lessons, or even karate training make for such wonderful gifts. Not only are you giving them something that they can learn, but a skill that they will always have. And, let's be honest, all parents are always on the lookout for another new class to enroll their child in. And boy, do these lessons add up! So parents appreciate a little help in the budget department!

Customized Story Book such as ‘What Big Sister Does Best’

A customized book can be magical for a toddler. A fascinating story that they are a part of! There are many great options for customized books out there, I like this one in particular – ‘What Big Sister Does Best’ Kids sometimes see the arrival of a new baby in the family as a cause for jealousy, I have seen this very closely.  But this charming, customized book can help those new big sisters see how they fit in the picture. The book is written as if regaling the new sibling with all the loving things the older child will do.

This helps to model positive sibling interaction without feeling preachy, and also provides an opportunity for big sisters to share the book once the little one is old enough to enjoy story time.

Fun and Unique Bedding or Pillows

Fun and games are all good, but why not add a little charm to their essentials. Bedding and pillow can really cheer up a bland room and make bedtime fun for kids! Check out stores like Target and Home Goods for a fun selection of themed and trendy pillows that won’t break the bank.

You can choose a theme based on what the kid likes, we especially love Target’s fun and whimsical PillowFort line 

If you have any Unique Gifts for kids to add to this list, please comment below!