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Creating Welcoming Waiting Rooms for Kids!
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Creating Welcoming Waiting Rooms for Kids!

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Waiting rooms and restless kids are not a match made in heaven! If you work at a hospital, a clinic, a school or daycare center, or even a store, you know that any area where children need to spend time without having a dedicated activity, needs to be made as fun and inviting as possible. So it's time to think of waiting rooms for kids almost like play areas!

In fact, in places like hospitals, we're delighted to find doctors already using our VertiPlay wall toys on their kids waiting room walls! These toys reduce floor-clutter and double up as cute decor too. Kids of varying ages can sit or stand to play with these toys that are based on nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and many colorful characters. 

Here are some more ways to make waiting rooms for kids more entertaining, with our kids waiting room toys!

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Think beyond screens on the waiting room walls to entertain kids

A TV mounted on a wall playing varied cartoons one after the other can be an easy solution to distract children in waiting rooms, but not the greatest one. If screens are to be used, consider an educational show, or switch on the TV only occasionally. Wall-mounted toys that spark the imagination like VertiPlay are more engaging and don't have any attached health concerns, unlike screens. Also, consider activities like our House of Fun which keeps two to three children entertained at a time. All toys will need to be cleaned and sanitized frequently, but they are a good way of bringing a little playfulness and laughter into the waiting room.

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Keep kid-friendly aesthetics in mind when designing the waiting room

Softer lighting instead of harsh fluorescent lights aren’t just about making a space look pretty. They are proven to be easier on the eyes, especially for young children and babies. Include bright colors through soft, durable upholstery, that can also be easily wiped clean. Avoid using only greys or whites on the walls and instead, experiment with more cheerful pastels. Put up pictures and posters on the walls. It all adds up to creating a happier, more comfortable environment in which to wait in.

Include a variety of seating for kids in waiting rooms

From couches where kids can sit with their parents, to individual, colorful floor seating if they want to play or read, there are many options other than uncomfortable waiting room chairs. Include small tables for children to sit at together and draw or do puzzles. This helps them interact with each other and be distracted from the fact that they could be waiting for a doctor. Our PortaPlay activity centers are in fact, easy to convert to a table and stow away when not needed. The Cocoon High Chair is a good option to keep around for babies if they need to sleep or need a comfortable seat to be fed in.

Make sure there’s room for kids to move around in the waiting area

Kids like to move around and could get bored while waiting. So avoid having bulky furniture or too much of it, let the room breathe. This is important for infants as well, who may need strollers and big diaper bags. This is why our VertiPlay Wall Toys range is so useful here because it automatically makes sure there's no floor clutter!

If you work in a space that has a waiting room, we’d love to hear how you make it more comfortable and welcoming for kids!

If you would like to start setting up a waiting room for kids or are planning to improve an existing waiting area for kids, these VertiPlay Wall Toy Combos might be just what you need. For wholesale orders for our VertiPlay range, please write to