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Easy to clean + great for newborns

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This thing is so good looking I get many compliments on it. And it is very good quality. The gray seat part that you see in the picture comes apart from the rest of the chair for cleaning (its like a rubbery molded insert) - which is good because sometimes crumbs get in the cracks. Its great for everything from newborns (lays all the way back) to bigger toddlers. My 16 month old has been using it since about 6 months and its been great every step of the way so far. The tray will magnetically sit on the back bar when you want to store it away. It folds up, but we hardy ever bother because it is a good looking highchair (and highchairs are not good looking items haha). Very easy to clean. Very easy to get the tray in/out and also easy to buckle the child. It has different height settings and can pull up to a table without the tray if needed.

Debbie from

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