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26 Sep, 2019

Beautiful, Practical and Hassle-free!

I love this highchair! It's sleek and simplistic design is beautiful to look at, especially as high chairs usually join your dining table for years to come.

They couldn't of made this easier to assemble. It comes in 6 pieces that simply click into each other to secure into place. The instructions offer step by step guidance with very clear pictures on not only how to assemble, but how to adjust to your preference. From start to finish it took me no more than 5 minutes!

Every baby/parent is different in what they find comfortable. But I feel that the ergonomics of the chair made it really easy for my child (who can't sit up completely just yet) to sit and reach up to the tray perfectly to grab her food. The height and recline of the chair is simple to adjust, but does require 2 hands, so it may be a challenge if you're holding your baby. I especially appreciated that the lowest height for the chair works perfectly if you want to go tray-less and have your baby join you at the table. It only has wheels on the front and they don't pivot, so you have to pick up the back side or rotate the chair to move it smoothly. I don't usually move the chair around a while lot, so I don't mind.

Clean-up & Storage:
The tray is lightweight and can be easily removed with one hand. It magnetically attached to the back of the chair, but the magnets are not that strong, so the tray has fallen from time to time. The seat is all one piece of a soft silicone like foam. This makes it super easy to wipe down and food doesn't get stuck in tiny crevices with my child's mess. It does fold up a bit less than when in use, but it's such a beautiful chair, I just like leaving it out, as it matches my modern decor.

Overall, this chair is one of the best ones I've experienced this far, without the crazy price tag.

MJX from

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24 Sep, 2019

In love!

Firstly, can we please gawk at these two practicing big sisterhood?
Tonight they find out if it’ll be a baby sister or baby brother. Or baby giraffe. You never know, this is the year of wild things happening.

Secondly, this high chair.
You ever see things online and need them? That used to be me with boots, purses, and makeup pallets. But then I had kids.
I am in love with this @loveoribelhigh chair.
When I had my first baby I bought a $15 high chair from a garage sale. It was terrible to clean, the seat got stained, the tray was heavy and awkward. With my second baby I decided, screw that high chair. And bought a little table top one that she grew out of right away, so I had to bring back up the old stained one.

Baby number 3 gets this beaut. It grows with the baby, RECLINES, has a snack tray, the eating tray snaps out for easy cleaning, and the material of the seat is super soft and wipeable. 
I know I may sound crazy, because to some people it’s just a high chair, but I am so excited about it. Plus, look how pretty it is.

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24 Sep, 2019

Easy to clean + great for newborns

This thing is so good looking I get many compliments on it. And it is very good quality. The gray seat part that you see in the picture comes apart from the rest of the chair for cleaning (its like a rubbery molded insert) - which is good because sometimes crumbs get in the cracks. Its great for everything from newborns (lays all the way back) to bigger toddlers. My 16 month old has been using it since about 6 months and its been great every step of the way so far. The tray will magnetically sit on the back bar when you want to store it away. It folds up, but we hardy ever bother because it is a good looking highchair (and highchairs are not good looking items haha). Very easy to clean. Very easy to get the tray in/out and also easy to buckle the child. It has different height settings and can pull up to a table without the tray if needed.

Debbie from

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22 Sep, 2019

Would totally recommend

Absolutely love this chair. It is easy to clean, folds neatly and looks great unlike other chunky high chairs. Am actually thinking of buying another one for my 6 month old twins. Right now we are using the oribel chair for one of them and an old Chicco chair after our 3 year old for the other one. There is no comparison. Oribel is so much better. Would totally recommend this product.

Asia from

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17 Sep, 2019

Best high chair hands down!

This is the best high chair, hands down! My son suffers from an acid reflux which causes him to throw up constantly. I quickly became frustrated with the fabric high chair I first owned because clean ups were a nightmare! I live in a city apartment with no washer/dryer in my unit. I was constantly hand washing and drying, not to mention scrubbing parts that were not removable. I couldn’t take it anymore. I searched for high chairs with easy clean up and stow away and eventually came across this beauty.

The Oribel Cocoon High Chair has a foam pad, clip on/off tray and minimal crevices. This means WIPE DOWN CLEANING! No scrubbing, no washing, no hanging to dry. What’s even better is that when I need to do a deeper clean, ALL PARTS ARE REMOVABLE! I can take the seat out and the straps to wipe down the interior. The design of this high chair is truly genius! The creators kept moms in mind with this easy to clean design. I can not reiterate enough how this has changed my life.

Another awesome thing about this high chair is that it grows with your child. My son is a toddler, but his sister is an infant. I place her in this beauty for her feedings as well. I just adjust the height, remove the tray and place the single cup holder, and voila! When I’m done with the high chair all I have to do it hold down the levers at the back for a smooth close and place it in its hideaway spot in my small apartment.

This is a sturdy, reliable, easy to clean high chair that I strongly recommend for moms who want cleaning easy and to stow away to make more space especially in smaller living units.

Thank you Oribel! Bravo!

Amazon Customer from

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09 Sep, 2019

Convertible for newborns to toddlers

Ace is totally obsessed with his new high hair from @loveoribel Its convertible from laying back for newborns to sitting up for toddlers! also you can make it higher or lower so they can reach the high top counters & remove the tray & add a cup holder!!
Thanks to my girl @christykeanecanfor telling me about @loveoribel, she got sage green for baby Ro & they have rosé for babygirls!!! I LOVE IT & easiest high chair to clean!
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