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In love!

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You ever see things online and need them? That used to be me with boots, purses, and makeup pallets. But then I had kids. I am in love with this @loveoribel high chair. When I had my first baby I bought a $15 high chair from a garage sale. It was terrible to clean, the seat got stained, the tray was heavy and awkward. With my second baby I decided, screw that high chair. And bought a little table top one that she grew out of right away, so I had to bring back up the old stained one. Baby number 3 gets this beaut. It grows with the baby, RECLINES, has a snack tray, the eating tray snaps out for easy cleaning, and the material of the seat is super soft and wipeable. I know I may sound crazy, because to some people it’s just a high chair, but I am so excited about it.

Plus, look how pretty it is. I’m doing a full blog review on it this week because I need other moms seeking an awesome high chair to know how cool this one is. . . . . . #momgadgets #highchairs #loveoribel #easycleanhighchair #babyessentials #babyfeeding #bigsisters

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